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Healing Emotional Pain can Cause Discomfort. Learn to be Patient with that Discomfort | Episode 175

Going through changes, pain and discomfort are all just parts of life. Everyone experiences them and everyone relates to them. Some have more significant effects on us than others. But what if we could look at it all from a bigger picture?

If nothing else, there’s one thing that we can take away from every uncomfortable experience that we have, and it’s that those moments are trying to get our attention. But the type of attention we give it is what makes all the difference! We can either fight it, or we can receive it as an opportunity to gain knowledge of our circumstances.

In today’s episode of 400; “Old Souls & Seekers, we’ll be discussing the way in which we often are inclined to be impatient with our discomfort rather than sitting with it and asking an important question, “What is this experience trying to tell me?”

Tune in to this conversation to learn how to look deeper into your experiences and integrate them into your growth rather than fight them.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Meet every experience of pain, joy and everything in between with a loving embrace of peace.
  • Focusing on expectations from others can detract from our growth process.
  • Sometimes old structures need to be dismantled and rebuilt.
  • If we get stuck on the momentary discomfort, we miss the bigger picture.
  • Like modern technology, our systems go through upgrades. It’s not instant and it takes time and patience.
  • How can you give love, patience, and grace to somebody if you're not giving it to yourself?
  • Tiredness can come from trying too hard to manage and your system to feel a certain way.
  • Transformation is unique for each person and there is no right way for it to happen.
  • Pain isn't there to tell you to fix it, it's there to let you know that something requires your attention.

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