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Parenting is HARD. It’s a continuous journey of growth and development for all parties involved. But most of you already know that sometimes it’s lovely and sometimes it’s messy.

Imagine if there were ways we could effectively help our relationships flow more harmoniously with our children. We are so caught up in the act of “parenting” that we feel the need to always tell our kids what to do, how to behave, and who they should be as a person. But what if that isn’t what it’s really meant to be about?

What if it’s really all about energy?

Well on today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we’ll be diving into the ways in which our energy affects our kids. Ultimately, parenting is an invaluable personal development feedback system that often gets completely overlooked. Tune in to this conversation to learn how you can turn your parenthood into a partnership with your children rather than a war.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Your children are your greatest asset to personal growth.
  • Our triggers are always from the same core of us, no matter where or when they happen.
  • Discipline the child from a vantage point of 10 years from now, not just for the present moment.
  • An overbearing parent is usually a fear-driven parent.
  • There's usually a “conscious parent” and an “autopilot parent” at war within each individual.
  • It's very human to occasionally feel shame or remorse for your style of parenting.
  • If we allow ourselves to feel safe and at ease, we involuntarily help our kids feel safe and at ease.
  • We have such limited time with our children before they move on and grow up, so why waste so much time being upset with them?

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