“In full divine union with myself, I could, therefore, see divine union beloveds everywhere.” - Marci LockClick to Tweet

It’s common for us to struggle with identity, self-image, and life experience. We get caught up in our imperfections and become uneasy in situations that are unfamiliar.

One of the things many of us are missing is presence. It’s not taught to us in our childhood—that we are allowed to love the parts of ourselves that may seem like they are not yet deserving.

Instead, we are taught that we must work and strive and fight to “get there.” Not the opposite—just to be.

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Marci Lock to discuss what being fully human is really about. Marci Lock is a sought-after mentor and change agent to global influencers, worldwide game-changing business owners and high producing leaders in living an epic life in all aspects.

Tune in to this conversation to learn how you can begin your own journey!

You can learn more about Marci Lock here

“You can say you’ve experienced love throughout your life, but it’s been love based on human experience…with attachments, expectations, conditionality…” - Marci LockClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • It’s not about “having it all” but rather being at peace in every experience.
  • We often serve those around us because we feel the need to look like a “good person” in somebody’s eyes.
  • We spend so much time trying to find our identity in a practice, profession or people group. Instead, we should find our identity within ourselves that is independent of external things.
  • Being in complete wholeness and self-acceptance is a form of service to the world.
  • There is no need to “get there.” What we need is to realize we are already “there” and focus on being fully with ourselves.
  • Love yourself from such a place of self-acceptance that you can receive support and accept the times you need it.
  • Do you/can you allow yourself to love the parts of your being that make you uncomfortable?
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