“How can you love others if you’re not truly loving yourself?” - Robert KandellClick to Tweet

Do you feel unhappy with your life right now?

Despite others telling you that you’ve achieved success in your career, finances, relationships and other areas, do you still somehow feel unfulfilled?

If so, perhaps you aren’t living in YOUR success. You may possess the fortune that society tells you is the dream—but deep down, is it actually YOUR dream? Maybe you know that there is something truly ingrained in you that you desire—but it has been neglected for the sake of achieving the status quo.

That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by bestselling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life coach—Robert Kandell—to talk about what might cause us to feel empty despite our “success.”

Tune in to this conversation to learn a few tools that will help you discover whether you are really living the authentic life that you seek out to live.  

You can learn more about Robert Kandell here: robertkandell.com

“How can you fully be on service to the universe if you’re not taking care of your own needs?.” - Robert KandellClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Ask yourself: What does it really mean to be a man today?
  • Men need to wake up and pay attention to realize what they need to do to be better partners.
  • Due to the dynamic of societal privilege, it’s common for men to feel like they aren’t allowed to feel unfulfilled with their careers and fortune even if they really are.
  • CONFRONT yourself and honestly ask, “Am I really happy with myself in life right now?”
  • INVESTIGATE the issues in your life. We all have some unhealthy behaviors in our life. What is causing them and how can we address them?
  • COMMIT to a change in your lifestyle. Commit to self improvement.
  • It is almost impossible to solve the deeper issues driving our unhealthy behaviors without the help of others.
  • When you truly discover and declare what it really is that brings you fulfillment, nobody will be able to successfully argue against you.
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