“There’s an endless number of ways to make money, but there’s not an endless number of ways to make money that will make you really happy.” - Frankie Fihn Click to Tweet

Life is always a journey no matter where you are, what you do, or who you know. Sadly, we often lose sight of our journey because we are conditioned to focus on the dollar.

It’s no secret that money doesn’t buy happiness. But as Robert Kanell said in a previous episode, “Having money helps, but it’s just a tool.”

That’s why in today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are joined by Frankie Fihn to talk about finding the journey that is meant for you. Frankie is the entrepreneur behind many businesses like Sacred Plant Retreat—and in today’s episode, he unpacks the lifestyle that keeps you aligned with your purpose rather than a lifestyle overly focused on monetary gain.

Tune in to this conversation to go deeper within and gain tools and knowledge that will help you figure out what you really want out of life.

You can learn more about Frankie and Sacred Plant Retreats here

“When work feels like work you’re going to have such a hard time moving the boulder. When work feels like play, you’re going to be so much better off.” - Frankie Fihn Click to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Knowing your purpose in your career is so much more important than just making a lot of money.
  • Find what you are actually good at. Find what you enjoy. Find who you can serve and what they need.
  • Look at business as a collaborative effort rather than a capitalist mindset.
  • If we find the right questions to ask, we’ll know how to find the right answers.
  • Your plan B career can fail just as much as plan A so you may as well invest in plan A.
  • Recognize that some entrepreneurs can succeed by risking it all and putting all eggs in one basket, and others may succeed by slowly developing their business on the side of their day job.
  • Having a voice of doubt is natural. Rather than trying so hard to resist and silence it, just learn to sit with it. Let it pass and know that they are just thoughts and you don’t have to agree with them.
“What the world really needs is for you to innovate your gifts in a new way.” - Frankie Fihn Click to Tweet