Episode 320 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In Today's Episode:

  • Differentiating Growing Up and Waking Up Work:
    Guy & Ilan explain the distinction between ‘growing up' (mindset) and ‘waking up' (embodiment/energetics) work. While both are essential, the event focuses on waking up through collective energy and healing practices.
  • Training the Nervous System:
    Unpacking how early trauma is stored in the nervous system, making it challenging to change reactive habits conceptually. Practices aim to unwind the system, fostering compassionate and easeful living over seeking quick breakthroughs.
  • Judgments, Reactivity, and Relationships:
    The hosts discuss how judgments and reactivity impact relationships and share transformative experiences in their own long-term relationships. Compassionately meeting internal experiences has proven effective in calming reactivity.
  • Signs of Progress:
    Highlighting signs of progress in personal growth, such as a youthful appearance, reduced worries, and improved family relationships. The hosts share how healing the nervous system has a ripple effect on various aspects of life.
  • Critiquing Capitalism:
    Quoting Elon Musk, the hosts engage in a critical discussion about the instability and evolutionary necessity of capitalism. They delve into how conditioning contributes to health issues and advocate for lifestyle changes and community support.
  • Event Details:
    Don't miss the opportunity to attend their upcoming live event focused on energetic healing through group fields. Guy provides details on ticket discounts and long-term program opportunities.

In this enlightening episode 320, Guy and Ilan guide the community through a deep dive into personal growth and healing. They share invaluable insights on differentiating between 'growing up' and 'waking up' work, the crucial role of the nervous system, transforming relationships through compassion, signs of progress, a critical analysis of capitalism, and exciting details about an upcoming live event.

The nature of thought is that it is just arising, but we are not the thoughts that are arising we are the witness of the arising. And so that can be taken out in all directions.

Guy Ferdman

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Episode Chapters:

  • Introduction
    • Guy & Ilan spotlight the awakening process using collective energy and healing practices.
  • Nervous System Navigation
    • Unpacking how early trauma lodges in the nervous system, making conceptual change challenging. Practices aim for gentle unwinding, fostering compassionate living. (15:30)
  • Relationship Alchemy
    • Exploring the impact of judgments and reactivity on relationships, offering transformative insights from personal experiences. (30:45)
  • Growth Signals:
    • Spotlighting signs of personal growth, from a refreshed appearance to improved family connections, revealing the ripple effect of nervous system healing. (45:20)
  • Capitalism Critique
    • Engaging in a critical discussion on capitalism's instability and evolutionary role, connecting it to health issues and advocating lifestyle changes. (58:10)
  • Healing Event
    • Inviting everyone on the upcoming live event focused on energetic healing through group fields. Dive into transformative experiences with ticket discounts and giving program details. (1:12:30)

We don't need a lot in our lives materialistically at all to enjoy life or to enjoy our relationships.

Ilan Ferdman

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