The Infinite Power of Surrendering: Episode 260 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we are super excited to share with you our experiences of surrendering that has shifted our lives in massive ways, we will give you insights and awareness on what surrender means, when to implement it and how it can completely transform your life.

“Surrender is not about waving the white flag, sticking your hand in the sand, giving up and saying f*ck it. – Ilan Ferdman

In today’s show, we are very excited to dive into the power of surrender and the power of trust.

Surrendering and trust kinda go hand in hand, but what we hope to highlight for you is two things.

The word surrender often gets a bit misunderstood as just ‘giving up' and not caring about anything.

In this conversation, we want to give you our perspective on surrender, what we believe it is and what it isn’t.

We’ve had some pretty incredible things with our clients when they have implemented these practices of surrender, that we really wanted to highlight and share.

Because as good as the results we have in our lives using these practices, for us, it's so way more exciting for us when we share this knowledge with others and they go on to create absolutely mind-bendingly incredible results.

These practices are simple and when you hear us talk about it you will probably nod your head in understanding. It just takes us pointing you in that direction.

Tap into today's episode to find out what surrendering really means, when and how to implement it and the magically amazing results it can manifest for you in your life.

“Surrender is a very active and conscious practice that allows you to be in acceptance of what is and what is not – Ilan Ferdman

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In Today's Episode:

  • The Difference Between Surrendering And Giving Up
  • Why Manifesting Becomes So Much Easier With Surrender
  • How To Tap Into An Energy More Powerful Than Yourself
  • A Better Way To Produce The Results You Want In Life
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

“When we find the depth of our alignment and surrender to what is and what isn’t – this devine force will always put you where you need to be”

– Ilan Ferdman

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Time stamps

4.30 Ilan’s story on a client making a difficult decision

19.00 Surrendering to a force greater than yourself

24.00 The magic of surrender

29.00 Holding two thoughts in mind at once

35.00 A better way to produce results