Breathwork and Healing: Episode 261 with Samantha Skelly

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we are super-excited to have our good friend Samantha Skelly on the show on all things breathwork and healing. Sam is truly a powerhouse breathwork wizard who helps people overcome anxiety and stress so that they can live in bliss, peace, and happiness  

“Breathwork is the most powerful self-healing modality

– Samatha Skelly

Lots of smiles today, because we have a beautiful, amazing, intelligent woman on today's episode- a very good friend of ours, Samantha Skelly.

We have watched Sam’s meteoric growth over the last few years. Over the last 10 years, she has served women in the healthy eating space around binge eating, mindset, and emotional healing space.

More recently in the last few years, she has launched an incredibly successful company called Pause that is focused on the healing power of breathwork. 

Samantha discovered breathwork when she was struggling with binge eating and dieting. She had profound breathwork experiences that completely transformed her life and after that, she decided to start her own breathwork practice. 

Sam shares her story and wisdom with incredible passion and gives you insights on how breathwork works, why it's so incredibly healing, the different variations of it, and how you can apply it to your life.

You will also get great insights into her entrepreneurial journey and how she built her 7-figure business.

This episode is nothing short of epic, so if you want more balance, well-being, and bliss in your life – Tune in now!


“Chronic anxiety and stress isn’t “the norm.””  

– Samatha Skelly

Episode Resources:

In Today's Episode:

  • Why Breathwork Is One Of The Most Powerful Self-Healing Practices
  • How To Heal Anxiety And Stress With Breathwork 
  • Samatha's Story On How She Built A 7-Figure Business
  • How To Get More Peace And Balance In Your Life 
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

“We are our own healers. We are the medication to our nervous system that we need. Let the body and the breath do the work”

– Samantha Skelly


Learn More About Samantha Skelly

I'm Samantha Skelly – a 7-figure entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author, wellness coaching expert, and breathwork facilitator. For years I struggled with disordered eating and body image issues. I was completely disconnected from my body and tried every method imaginable to “fix” myself. It wasn't until I discovered breathwork that I truly began to experience real growth, transformation, and recovery.

Since undergoing my own healing journey, I founded my two companies: Pause Breathwork and Hungry for Happiness to help others overcome their own pain and struggles. It's my mission to unite humanity by teaching people to breathe, feel, and thrive. You are perfect, your body is the healer, and you already have everything you need to experience sustainable transformation.


5.00 Sam’s story on how she found breathwork

12.00 How breathwork heals and transforms

16.00 Who is breathwork for and how can people use it

22.30 What are you most excited about professionally, personally

31.00 Powerful business and entrepreneurship insights 

49.00 Learn more about Sam’s work