3 Ways To Accelerate Your Growth And Healing: Episode 259 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we are excited to bring you three ways to accelerate your growth and healing. You will gain insights around mindset, energetic healing work and daily practices you can easily apply to get to the next level in your well-being. 

“If you have a breakthrough in one area of your life it transcends into every area of your life

– Guy Ferdman

In today’s episode, we are excited to be talking about the three things we have deemed are critically important in order to accelerate in terms of your growth and healing.

If you have done personal development for some while now and you find that the same triggers that have always triggered you keep happening…

For instance, if you spiral into an emotional whirlwind when your parents make you wrong, you get overwhelmed with fear in your business or you get angry when someone cut you off in traffic…

There's nothing wrong with you.

During our 20 years of personal development work, we have found that that there are certain reasons and patterns that keep coming up for most of us.

One is that as humans we have become conditioned at an early age through mirroring our parent's behavior and that becomes our reality.

Then as adults, the same triggers and patterns get activated when we experience events similar to those we found traumatic in the past. 

In today's episode, we will share with you the insights and experiential techniques that will release these old patterns and triggers so that you can take your intimate relationships, your health, your wealth, and overall well-being to the next level.

“We have so many old habits and patterns that we go into that are so outdated for what it is we want to be aligned to. And then we wonder why we can’t get to that place.” 

 – Ilan Ferdman

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In Today's Episode:

  • 3 Ways To Accelerate Your Growth And Healing
  • A Deep Understanding On How The World Works And How We Generate Our Reality

  • The Most Powerful Shift You Can Make To Heal Your Relationships 
  • Simple Daily Practices For Massive Transformation 
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

“Healing doesn’t happen from an insight. It happens because you train your nervous system to relax and be energetically fluid”

– Guy Ferdman 

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Guy and Ilan Ferdman are blood brothers and founders of Satori Prime. They have combined 36+ years of coaching in the fields of business, leadership, personal development, and spiritual growth. Their application of psychology & neuroscience combined with ancient practices of energetics gives them a unique approach to problem-solving and transforming lives. Plus, their sense of humor and charismatic nature makes their teaching style fun and effective.


5.00 3 Ways To Accelerate Your Growth And Healing

10.00 How the world works and why we do what we do

29.00 The most powerful shift for healing

43.00 Daily practices to apply

50.00 A special bonus gift for you