How To Become A Spiritual Ninja: Episode 220 with Janelle Christa

In this week's episode of the Personal Development Without The Fluff podcast, we're delighted to have an amazing conversation with Actress, Coach, and Best-Selling Author Janelle Christa. This episode is filled with amazing healing techniques, her badass personality and the incredible transformational journey she's been through is unbelievably inspirational. 

“My definition of a spiritual ninja is kind of a magical badass, no fluff soldier in the army of love” – Janelle Christa

We're really excited to share this fascinating conversation with you because Janelle's story is truly incredible.

Struggling for many years with addiction, tragedy, and trauma, Janelle was broken and seeking answers, thus began a spiritual journey that led to her mastery of the healing arts.

After overcoming addiction, and healing the traumatic energies that were stuck in her body, she began successfully healing and coaching others.

We talk about her best selling book Spiritual Ninja, her fascination with ninjas, and how we can learn from them how to protect our energies in today's chaotic and uncertain world.

In this episode, Janelle is also so kind as to share with us simple and practical tools that she's helped thousands of people to stay grounded, connected, protected, and centered in today's chaotic world.

“I like to think of emotion like a piano that has all of these different beautiful notes. It’s a kaleidoscope of different energies” – Janelle Christa


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How To Become A Spiritual Ninja – In This Episode:

  • How to get more connected with yourself in these hard times
  • Why it's important to take a break from the complete chaos that’s going on in the world
  • Practical tips on how to raise your physical and spiritual vibration
  • Incredible stories of transformation from addiction and darkness to sobriety and light
  • and much more!

“There’s a massive silver lining to what’s happening in the world today and while there's a lot of darkness, I believe we are all going to come out better ” – Janelle Christa

Learn More About Janelle Christa

Janelle Christa is a woman who wears many hats. She’s a highly gifted, intuitive healer and spiritual guide, an author, filmmaker, and producer. After a life of tragedy and trauma, Janelle chose to seek answers, thus began a journey that led to her mastery of the healing arts. She is known for her adeptness at quick hacks, accelerated consciousness expansion, and the simplification of complexity. Janelle is also a talented star of stage and screen and was the youngest coach ever to work with the prestigious Frontline Performance Group. Over the past 12 years, Janelle has worked with thousands of clients in private and group settings, including Fortune 500 companies, and Hollywood celebrities. Her deepest wish is to empower others with the tools and knowledge they need to heal themselves and transform their own lives.

Time Stamps:

4.00 Janelle Shares Her Definition of Being A Spiritual Ninja 

10.35 Practical Tips on How To Raise Your Vibration On A Physical And Spiritual Level

16.45 How To Create Higher-Level Conversations With Your Children Around Uncertainty in The World

23.35 The Best and The Worst Part of The Current World Situation 

33.30 A Very Interesting Take On How Emotions Get Stuck in The Body And What It Means 

43.00 Powerful Transformational Story Around Body Image And Self-Image