Near-Death Experience to an Awakening: Episode 219 with Andrew DeGregorio

In this week's episode of the Personal Development Without The Fluff podcast, we dive into an amazing conversation with Author, Energy Worker, and Intuitive Counselor, Andrew DeGregorio. This man has made a tremendous impact on our lives. He has mentored Guy Ferdman and Ilan Ferdman for over 3 years now. Our personal and spiritual development has radically shifted since this “wizard” came into our lives.

“Be present with what is, with what we know and really work with ourselves to deepen our stability, our alignment because whatever happens from that place, we can respond and not react” – Andrew DeGregorio

Andrew went on an unusual journey to recovery. The months following his NDE included going to doctors and being prescribed medications that made him start to feel sorry for himself. Everything felt different and far from the life he knew. He began to inquire to himself, “Who am I? What am I?”.

As the days and months went by, he turned to blame to cope with his circumstances. Relationships failed and he was becoming more hopeless by the day.

But then he had the realization that “I am the problem” – a tough insight to swallow.

But if that's true, then “I am the solution” also became true.

What followed after that is a remarkable story of self-discovery led by divine guidance and the development of Andrew's healing gifts. Listen to this episode to hear the beautiful story of one of our favorite humans.

“We’re eternal, nothing matters and everything matters at the same time.” – Andrew DeGregorio


Get More Free Information About Andrew Degregorio and purchase his book The Knock here:

Near-Death Experience To An Awakening – In This Episode:

  • How A Near-Death Experience Became The Start To An Incredible Transformation
  • Incredible Stories On Awakening And Finding Enlightenment In Simple Ways
  • Some Of The Best Practices Used To Create Alignment
  • Why Working With Energies In The Body Is So Powerful
  • and much more…

“I was blaming everything and everyone around me, as though it was the relationship or that person. I was not taking responsibility for my life at all – Andrew DeGregorio

Learn More About Andrew DeGregorio

Andrew DeGregorio is an energy worker and intuitive counselor. He is the author of Amazon Bestseller, The Knock. Andrew was 32, a surfboard bashed into his head when he was out surfing one day. He was left unconscious in the ocean until a complete stranger pulled me out and saved his life. He was never the same again. After that near-death experience, he questioned my identity and purpose. Andrew noticed he became incredibly present to the world in a way he had never experienced before. He took it upon myself to dive deep into my spiritual practice and that was where he discovered his gifts. He worked side-by-side with some incredible teachers and became a student of Luminous Awareness Institute. Since then, he's worked with hundreds of clients (with 5-star ratings on Yelp) that have come to me for reasons that vary from physical pain, trauma, life struggles, business challenges, deepening their spiritual practice, developing their psychic gifts, relationship/family support and too many other topics to name.

Time Stamps:

7.30 Andrew Shares His Remarkable Story

26.00 What Happened When Andrew Shifted His Victim Mentality

45.00 A Life-Changing Event In Andrew's Life

1.00.00 Guy Shares One Of The Turning Points in His Life

1.30.00 Learning Through Love Or Fear

1.52.00 How To Find Greater Alignment In Your Life

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