How To Homeschool Your Kids: Episode 218 with Daniel Louzonis

In today's episode of the Personal Development Without The Fluff podcast, we sit down with homeschooling wizard Daniel Louzonis and dig deep into everything around how to make the most out of homeschooling your kids. 

Math is a sixth of the school curriculum, but it represents over half the pain and agony for the kids” – Daniel Louzonis

Daniel Louzonis believes that if you can check the math box as early as possible, then not only will your kids feel intelligent and their self-esteem will go up. But then they will have more time to practice the violin or going to drama club as kids and become more successful as adults.

In today's episode, we dig really deep into the subject of homeschooling, with so many people forced to homeschool their kids due to the quarantine.

What is the biggest transition when homeschooling? 

The most difficult thing when homeschooling?

What are the benefits of homeschooling?

Math is a pain point for so many kids, they think they’re not smart enough. Daniel gives his valuable insights on how to change that forever. 

How do you ignite some passion into the kid's learning process?

Can homeschooling help with kids who are diagnosed with ADHD?

What’s the one most important thing for kids to be able to concentrate on?

What time of the day is the best to do the hardest tasks?

This episode is so packed with value for any parent who is thinking about homeschooling, who are already doing, or who might be on the fence of starting. Enjoy!

“You can’t put a kid in front of a TV screen for one hour, because their brain activity flatlines for 4 hours after that, it’s almost like a hangover” – Daniel Louzonis


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How To Homeschool Your Kids – In This Podcast:

  • Why Kids Are So addicted To Social Media and How To Navigate Limiting Screen Time
  • Learn What Daniel Does To Get Kids To Sit For Hours and Be Engaged 
  • The Counterargument To People Who Say “Let Kids Be Kids and Don’t Push Them so Hard”
  • The “Magic” Formula Daniel Uses To Better The Kids Concentration, Imagination and Math Skills
  • and much more…

“Jerry Seinfeld said that attention spans are infinite if you actually entertain peopleDaniel Louzonis

Learn More About Daniel Louzonis

Daniel Louzonis is an NYC-based child acceleration specialist. He’s a homeschooling coach and a “math genius” teacher. While Ivy League-educated himself – at the University of Pennsylvania – he’s a major advocate and practitioner of “education outside the system.”

Time Stamps:

4.50 Daniel’s Powerful Story 

12.00 How To Transition To Homeschooling

25.00 Why Math Is So Important For Growth

38.00 How To Navigate Limiting The Screen Time For Kids

45.00 Dealing With Socialization For Kids in Quarantine

56.00 Changing Your Own Schedule For The Kids

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