The Pace of Healing and New Ways to Perceive Well-Being: Episode 217 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In today's episode of the Personal Development Without The Fluff podcast, we're having a conversation around the pace of healing and the new ways to perceive well being as we challenge the status quo and share our experiences of healing the body from a spiritual perspective. 

Everything happens for you and through you instead of to you – which puts you in responsibility rather than victimhood mentality” – Ilan Ferdman

Is it really a good idea to take pills when we have a normal fever or a morning headache? 

Does the action that we normally take; the frantic energy of  “gotta get it done and out”… does that really serve? 

Maybe it's getting you the results you want in one area of life, but we've seen over and over again that it comes at the cost of neglecting another area of life. 

If you're not moving towards more balance and alignment, is “grind” really worth it?

We're coming at this with a slightly different twist on what you may be used to hearing on this topic

And while we're not claiming to be medical doctors (because we're not) and that you should obviously do your own research, we've got a ton of experiences on the area of natural healing that we'd love to share with you guys.

It's so easy to focus on what's happening right in front of us when you're in pain. But how can we actually shift that into that state of being? Check out this episode to learn more.

“If you can manage the pain and live with it, don’t take drugs. Because the body will heal a lot faster without it ” – Ilan Ferdman

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The New Ways to Perceive Well Being – In This Podcast:

  • Transform The Way We Look At Physical Conditions
  • How To Allow Our Bodies To Heal Naturally
  • Why Letting Things Take Time Is So Important
  • A Different Take On Why We Get Pain In The Body
  • and much more…

Negative emotions and thoughts is not the problem. It’s when you judge it as it wasn’t suppose to be there when it becomes a problem  – Guy Ferdman

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Time Stamps:

3.30 Why Getting a Fever Isn’t Bad

9.20 Injuries and Not Always Getting What We Want

19.30 A Spiritual Approach To Injuries

24.15 How To Practice Acceptance

28.00 How To Step Out Of The Victim Role

43.00 The Truth About Healing

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