“The meditation you sleep, the meditation you wake. You are always rising in a higher and higher vibration along with the planet along with everything else going on, which is wonderful. Sit meditate once.” – Dr. Barry Morguelan

Energy is that one thing that is universal amongst all of us. It is a prevalent force that allows your life to flourish and exist. Many health remedies and practices are there to support this very thing, yet we don’t think of it as supporting energetic care or maintenance.

Energy healing has existed since ancient times but our modern culture has lost many of these teachings. The main focus of energy healing is allowing the life force that flows through us all, to move without stagnancy. That force impacts our health, mood, and ability to interact with other people. The energy flow of our body can be altered to a higher state of consciousness and better health through meditation, physical touch, and exercise.

In this episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Dr. Barry Morguelan. He is a world-class medical doctor and the only western Grand Master of a 5,000-year-old Chinese Source Energy discipline. He is on a mission to empower you to quickly and easily transform your own life, helping you to achieve breakthrough results with your most meaningful goals, no matter what your age, education, or infirmity. Over the years he has supported high achievers such as Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dave Asprey, Olympic and professional athletes, CEOs, musicians, and movie and playwrights, in excelling beyond their previous limits.

Dr. B shares that several energy healing skills can help you lead a path of sustained health and healing, that serve as excellent supplemental modalities to western health practices. Energy healing removes blocks by activating the body’s subtle energy systems. By breaking these obstructions, your body can inherit the ability to heal itself.

Dr. B’s story is a fascinating one to hear. Becoming a Grand Master and bringing those teachings to the West makes this one of those podcast episodes that will keep you in awe, minute-by-minute.

Listen to this episode to dive deep into the world of energy healing from a real-living Grand Master and discover ways to support your own well being.

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can start doing yog and other things you like to do. Your body will respond once you open up yourself to all the different vibrations that will heal you moment by moment.”– Dr. Barry Morguelan


Free Gift from Dr. B:  energyforsuccess.org/satori

Important Notes:

  • Energy healing can uplift your health to another level.
  • You can easily maintain your energetic health from home
  • If you’re new to energy healing, consider searching a local yoga studio, or you can ask your family and friends to give a reference about any reputed practitioner.
  • Energy healing stimulates the flow of energy inside your body.
  • It frees up every blocked energy and stimulates the process of healing
  • It releases all the tension inside your muscles, allows deep relaxation, and encourages the blood flow.
  • The entire energy healing process relies on scientific principles that will benefit your body’s immunity.

“Master your technique to help those who are in great need.” – Dr. Barry Morguelan

Time Stamps:

4:12 – How energy healing helped people

11:40 – Effects of energy healing on your body

14:22 – Types of equipment used in energy healing

24:20 – How to make great choices

28:30 – Mastering the techniques

33:21 – Ancient energy healing skills

“Natural resources live all the time and that was the next level and you need to stay in that level all the time if you need to go up any higher” – Dr. Barry Morguelan

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