“Whatever is happening to me is happening for my greatest and best, like he is always there to heal me, to aid me to support me”. – David Wood

Do you have the capacity to accept whatever is happening right now? Did you know resisting truth leads you towards sufferings only?

How do you handle the situation that imbalances your life? Do you have the ability to identity the truth?

On this episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff to understand, we are joined by David Wood, who is the CEO at Tough Conversations International & Play for Real. David discusses how acceptance and gratitude towards what is happening now can make your life easy and enjoyable.

Tune in to this conversation to understand the power of accepting the truth and embracing what's happening right now.

“If a family member, a friend or someone in your community embarrassed you and you care about investing in that relationship, 90% of the time it is worth to identify what your truth is which is not easy”. – David Wood


You can learn more about David Wood at https://playforreal.life/

The Cliff Notes:

  • Look back at the moment and we start seeing it as a gift.
  • When you become empathetic for someone, it means you have experienced both sides of coin.
  • No matter who we are, we can love what’s happening right now.
  • God is always there to heal us, aid us and support us.
  • Body is interesting because it can lie, mind is tricky.
  • Your awareness takes you out of balance.

Time Stamps:

8:50 – Dealing Risk Management

12:20 – Life-changing Moment

19:00 – Judgment on speaking truth

26:00 – The training and journey of the medicine

32:05 – Awareness

36:10 – Helping people to tackle tough conversations.

47:02 – Demo the technology of tough conversations

“God holds space for all, with no judgement and aggression, and has love for all of it, including rapists, murderers, etc. Not just for those who prey everyday”. – David Wood

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