“Everything in our pattern system shows up at a certain level of stress and anxiety.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

Lots of us have our moments of being short-fused. Sometimes things just tick you off at the worst times.

Can you remember that time when you had a frustrating day, and then at the end of that day, you accidentally dropped your keys and were unreasonably infuriated? Yeah.. those days…

We all have them.

Well, on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we’re discussing what you can do when you feel incredibly grumpy and short on patience.

Tune in to this conversation to find some peace when you feel the most annoyed.

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“A lot of times people don't give credit to transformation because it looks incremental and doesn't look quantum.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Children's feelings of emotional safety are influenced by your energy towards them. 
  • The universe continuously gives opportunities to feel through the emotions you run from.
  • When things are going “too” well, it's natural for your mind to want to fabricate problems.
  • No matter what stage you're at, having a mentor is always a beneficial practice. 
  • There is more to gratitude than simply forcing yourself to journal about things you're grateful for.
  • You may experience the same stresses as you grow, but you’re not experiencing them as the same person you were.
  • Your transformation comes bit by bit rather than all at once.
“In the midst of feeling like a grumpy bitch, I can still find things that I'm grateful for.”
- Guy & Ilan Ferdman
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