“There’s never a point in the entire developmental process of a child that you’re ready.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

Wisdom develops with age and experience. We all know that. No matter how smart you are, life has hidden nuances to it that you simply can’t grasp without the appropriate experience.

Remember how there was that one thing you were told not to do as a child and it made absolutely no sense to you? When you look back at that thing years or even decades later, does it make sense to you now? Yeah? Well, that’s wisdom.

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we reflect on various experiences of ours that only life could teach us. We hope this is something that will give you a scope into what your growth might be like.

Tune in to this conversation to gain some knowledge from us that will hopefully become wisdom for you.

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“I’ve gotten to make a distinction between sleep and rest. So when I sleep, I’m not always rested. And when I rest, I’m not always sleeping.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Having a child is like a love you’ve never experienced but also a sense of pain and fear you’ve never experienced.
  • No matter how prepared you try to be with parenting, there will always be unexpected challenges.
  • We are able to adapt to changes when we are willing to adapt to changes.
  • Sometimes all you need is someone to show you a structure that will move you forward.
  • If your relationship is failing, DO NOT expect to solve it by having a child.
  • Not only does having less equal more, it can also lead you to more of what you need.
  • Learn to make the distinction between sleeping and resting. 
  • Acting out of avoidance of pain ultimately sets you up to experience more of that pain.
  • Life tends to work more in favor of you when you stop trying to fight your alignment.
  • Acting out of scarcity and fear is will probably cause a greater sense of scarcity and fear.
“I continuously find myself laughing at how life works out for you when you get the f*** out of the way!” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet
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