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How to let go of things – Game of Surrender

We think there’s a fix for all of our problems.

But sometimes, we meet our match. Maybe it’s a work deadline, or a relationship issue—something that ultimately tips the scale.

In these moments, we fish for our mantra or breathing exercise, anything that will neutralize the anxiety. But what if instead of searching for a solution, we surrendered to the problem?

It turns out that there are times when this is the best answer, when letting go letting go is the only solution.

That’s why on today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are discussing the neverending game of surrender. In today’s anxiety-filled world, it’s difficult to find silence and being with so much external noise.

Tune in to this conversation to learn how to surrender, so you can find peace & calmness inside yourself.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Reframe the feeling of being destroyed as being “de-story-ed”
  • Our culture is shifting from individualism to a tribal framework
  • Don’t label your states as positive or negative, they are a constantly swinging like a pendulum
  • Watch if the mind reacts differently without creating too much story around it
  • Focus on the auditory while meditating to make the act of being easier
  • Distinguish between whether you want money or safety and support
  • Understand that inside the chaos is what pushes evolution forward
  • When it comes to mastery, the people at the front are all seeing the same thing
  • Shift your awareness from reacting to curiosity for why we are you reacting a certain way