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#150 ~ How to Say Yes with Jenny Taylor

It’s easy to say no.

All you have to do is find something else to do, and over time you will forget about the moment you submitted to your anxiety and fear.

However, the next time that situation presents itself, the same feelings will resurface and you won’t have the built skillset required to transcend the challenge.  

That’s why on today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are joined by Jenny Taylor to discuss the importance of saying yes. Often in our lives, we run into challenging situations that trigger our reflex to turn the other way. When we do this, we validate our anxieties, making it more difficult to conquer them.

Tune in to this conversation to hear how to reverse this habit, and create a more forward-thinking approach to your day-to-day!

You can learn more about Jenny Taylor here

“’I’m not worthy’ is the largest epidemic of human beings on planet earth.” - Guy & Ilan Ferdman Click to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Be careful of slipping into other abusive relationships after removing yourself from them
  • Most have not spent the time to look inside themselves, even the most successful people
  • The only way to stay in victim energy is to have a villain
  • We wear masks and play roles because at the root, we are scared and fearful
  • Most people’s anger is attached to something that served and protected them
  • Approach parenting as an opportunity to learn about yourself
  • Recognize when an attachment to work becomes unhealthy
  • Just because something produces a result doesn’t mean it’s the best method
  • For self-care, take the time to meditate and journal
  • Understand if fear and sadness lie at the root of your anxiety
  • Ask yourself whether alcohol consumption is doing positive or negative things