The things that you make people wrong for are the things that you don’t want to say to yourself that you are too.

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Everyone wants to experience love and be accepted. The problem is we keep looking to outside influences for validation. We are to look for this, even as children. Our parents tell us they love us and want us to tell them we love them.

What parents don’t teach us is how to love ourselves. We shouldn’t be looking to fill voids from the outside world. Learn to love yourself and you’ll be more confident, more comfortable, and feel good anywhere you are.

By getting to this point, love from others only gets better and stronger. When you are filled with love in and out, that’s when things really get great in life.

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As emotional experiences are occurring, say to yourself, “I’m going to fully experience all these things.”

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Leaders of the past were great storytellers
  • We get upset when we don’t get something we are trying to extract from the environment in order to validate a part of yourself.
  • You feel love based on how you were programmed to receive it as a child.
  • Children need to learn to love themselves first.
  • Pay attention to your narrator and don’t buy into it’s stories.
  • We are taught to suppress our feelings, it’s not how we are meant to be.
  • Increase your feeling of self worth, not your thinking of self worth.
  • We are programming ourselves to ignore feelings.
  • Going through your day in reverse will help your memory.
  • Record important moments, ever if they aren’t good ones.
  • When you react to something you tell the brain it’s important.

Set various times of the day to be internally reflective.

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