“Human beings can’t actually plan.” – Jim Benson

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By nature, we are not just visual beings, but we are also physical beings. By that I mean we actually need physical movement in order to really remember things.

For example, if write something down – physically write it not just type it – we are 78% more likely to finish that project. When we type something we forget about it almost instantly.

Physical movement doesn’t just help our memories, it can really help our success rate as well. Instead of writing goals down in a notebook make aboard. Divide it into three columns: Going to do, Doing, and Completed. Write down your goals on a post-it and place them in the going to do column.

As you complete them, move the post-it over to the next column. As easy as it sounds, that physical movement will help you achieve more goals than if you simply wrote them down in a notebook.

Seriously, try it.

On this episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are joined again by the efficiency expert Jim Benson. Jim shares with us not just how we can be efficient, but how we can teach our children to be more goal-oriented as well.

We know that childhood is an important time to start teaching important habits and ingraining them into them so they have a successful adulthood.

Download this episode today to learn how you can not only get yourself on a more successful path but also your children.

“We all have the stuff to do, we all have to do it, and then we all need to take credit for it and be reminded when it’s completed.” – Jim Benson

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The Cliff Notes:

  • If you physically write down a goal you are 78% more likely to finish that goal.
  • When you type something you are less likely to remember that you wrote it.
  • We can plan on the macro things, but have a hard time focusing on the micro things.
  • Don’t blame other things for your failure and reward yourself for the success.
  • Always break down your tasks into small, easy to do projects.
  • Prematurely commit yourself to the small decisions.
  • A concept is easy to complain about, but the sight of it makes people take action.
  • Give up on being productive and start being effective.
  • If overwork without breaks you also dehydrate yourself and don’t get enough exercise.

“When we over work we don’t hydrate or get exercise, and science is showing this is a cause in the rise of Alzheimer’s.” -Jim Benson

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