How To Deal With The Fear of Coronavirus: Episode 212 with Shanna Lee

In today's episode of the Personal Development Without The Fluff podcast, we're in the midst of the worldwide spread coronavirus pandemic as we are joined by speaker, coach, and author Shanna Lee to talk about fear and moving beyond it. 

“Right now, you can’t change the whole world and what goes on out there, but by changing things inside of you – you support the world in ways that you can’t even understand”. – Shanna Lee


How To Deal With The Fear of Coronavirus and In General

Coronavirus is spreading across the world, and because of that, the fear seems to have no limits with people stacking up on toilet paper in panic. 

The world is going through a pattern interrupt for sure, and in today’s podcast, we discuss what this actually means.

Many people are now working from home and therefore on lock-down for the next two weeks and that can be incredibly scary because so many people have built up this wall of safety around going to a job and living life on autopilot.

For instance, when they have to spend weeks at home, and actually deal with this pattern interrupt, what does that mean? How are people going to respond to the fear that comes with the virus and probable economic changes that come with it? 

However, this worldwide pattern interrupt is a chance to look within. To slow down – not to panic. Above all, to reflect upon life and the changes that are eventually coming whether we like it or not.

In conclusion, we take on the coronavirus and the fear that comes with it from a spiritual viewpoint and Shanna Lee gives us insight after insight on how to better deal with the fear so that we can move beyond the reactive state and into a higher vibration.

My mission is helping people move fear out of their mind-body system so they can ascend to higher frequencies.” – Shanna Lee


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How To Deal With Fear – In This Podcast:

  • Discover how to take full advantage of this global pattern interrupt
  • How the world will change after the coronavirus
  • Move beyond the reactionary fear state that so many people are in
  • Why it always gets worse before things get better
  • What does the coronavirus mean on a spiritual level
  • And much more…

Making money was important to show I was successful to my parents and family. I got to a point in my life where I thought this is not what’s going to ultimately fulfill me”  – Shanna Lee

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Shanna Lee

Shanna Lee is an intuitive healer and celebrity manifestation coach. She is the #1 Best Selling author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life and the founder of and The Soul Frequency Show podcast, leading the conversation on raising your energy frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment. She is a speaker, businesswoman, and consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, influencers, and fashion industry experts.

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Time Stamps:

3.50 Shanna’s Life story

15.00 How To Deal With Fear In Crisis

29.00 The Power of Belief 

37.00 Why Respect is Important Between Children and parents

44.00 What's the Real Impact Of  The Corona Virus

52.00 Why Changing The World Starts From Within 

1.08.00 Quick Empowering Meditation