All we have is our personal perceptions.

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As people, we always have certain expectations we feel need to be met. When they aren’t we often feel upset or angry.

The amount of anger we feel is directly correlated with how much of a difference there is between our expectations and the actual outcome.

For example, if you own a business and in one month you expect to make $10,000 but you only make $8,000 you’re going to be upset. However, you’re not going to be nearly as upset as if you only make $1,000.

When we get upset over these things our sense of logic goes out the window. Instead of appreciating that we made the $8,000 we as frustrated our expectations weren’t met.

At this point, we have one of two possibilities. We can either take the time to realize we are feeling these emotions, or we can ignore them and just write them off as us being stupid.

When we choose the ladder, we enter dangerous territory. Now you are holding back your feelings, which will just continue to grow and grow until one day you just explode. We’ve all been there.

Ultimately you want to learn to not only understand your emotions but also when you are building expectations. Understand that nothing in life is what you expect or want, it just is what it is.

Appreciate everything.

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Throw a party for every reaction you are having.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • When you go through life you make expectations.
  • Your disappointment is based on how below your expectation reality is.
  • The reason meditation is so important is because it allows the human brain to remain in the prefrontal cortex when things go wrong.
  • When you get upset your brain relies on the lizard part of your brain and logic goes out the window.
  • Communicate instantly, and at the moment, that which is upsetting you.
  • Letting out why you are upset, to others or yourself, allows you to get back in the moment of what’s truly important.
  • If you died today, the world would continue moving on.
  • When you hold things back, you’re asking for them to explode later.
  • No one is doing anything to you, it’s all your perception.
  • People come into your life to help you complete aspects of your life.
  • Make space to share yourself authentically.
  • The deeper truths are the stuff that’s being held in your body.
  • At night time try to clear the things that have happened throughout the day.
  • We didn’t grow up in families that taught us how to feel. We grew up in families that taught us how to think.
  • You even have perceptions about your feelings.
  • If everything in life was perfect, it would be really boring.
  • A lot of the voices in your head that you don’t like come from your parents.

Everything starts with curiosity.

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