Episode 327 with Guy Ferdman & Asil Toksal

In this episode 327 of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, Guy features a very special guest, Asil Toksal. Engaging a profound conversation with spiritual guide. They explore the transformative power of conscious creation and alignment, shedding light on the role of guides and channels in accelerating human evolution.

In Today's Episode:

  • Introduction to Asil's Work
    Guy introduces Asil, a spiritual guide and channel, expressing deep admiration for his transformative work. Asil's guidance has profoundly impacted Guy and his wife, Mandy, over the years, leading to significant realizations and transformations. Guy acknowledges Asil's ancient wisdom and the profound role he has played in their lives.
  • The Power of Conscious Creation
    Asil discuss the importance of conscious creation and aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions. He shares his personal journey of transformation, dedicating his life to service and becoming a vessel for delivering transmissions and transformations. Asil emphasizes the innate power within each individual to shape their reality through conscious awareness and alignment.
  • Processing Challenges and Realizations
    Asil explains how challenges and realizations are integral to human consciousness evolution. He highlights the opportunity to process and transform through consciousness, rather than recreating past difficulties. Asil shares insights on how guides have supported him in establishing trust, internalizing power, and achieving greater alignment and decision-making clarity.
  • Exploring Multidimensional Being and Accelerated Evolution
    Guy and Asil delving into the concept of human beings as multidimensional creatures, with different dimensions influencing thoughts, emotions, and experiences. They explore the potential for accelerated evolution with support from benevolent sources of information and energy, empowering individuals to navigate realizations faster and consciously shape their thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Impact of Collective Consciousness
    The conversation touches on the profound impact of collective consciousness on the world and individuals' potential to create change through presence and alignment. Asil shares examples of studies demonstrating the effect of human beings in meditative states on their environment. They discuss the importance of presence and allowing transformation to unfold without excessive effort.

Once you start to dive deeper into sensitivity, you navigate energetic spaces and fields with more conscious awareness.

Asil Toksal

Episode Chapters:

  • Beginning with an IntroductionTimestamp: 00:05:00
    Guy introduces Asil and expresses gratitude for his impactful work.
  • Delving into Conscious CreationTimestamp: 00:10:43
    Delving into Conscious Creation: Asil elaborates on the concept of conscious creation and the synchronization of thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Reflecting on Challenges and EpiphaniesTimestamp: 00:24:06
    Reflecting on Challenges and Epiphanies: Insights are shared on navigating challenges through a lens of consciousness.
  • Unpacking Multidimensional ExistenceTimestamp: 00:36:58
    Unpacking Multidimensional Existence: The discussion delves into the idea of humans as multidimensional beings.
  • Exploring Collective ConsciousnessTimestamp: 01:14:13
    The session examines the influence of collective consciousness on individuals and society.

The areas where I heal the most is where I acknowledge that something is there.

Guy Ferdman

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