Episode 316 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In Today's Episode:

  • Plant Medicine and Integrating the Experience
    Guy and Ilan candidly share their recent journey in the Columbian jungle, engaging in plant medicine work. Describing it as a challenging yet enlightening process, they reveal the slow landing and ongoing integration of the experience. Guy gains clarity, while Ilan finds intensity but expresses gratitude for the profound teachings.
  • Birthing Into Higher Consciousness
    Guy unfolds a vision of the planet transitioning into higher consciousness, drawing a powerful analogy to a birthing process. He emphasizes humanity's pivotal role in holding space during this transformative rebirthing phase.
  • Selfishness Paradox and Following Intuition
    The hosts delve into the paradox of selfishly engaging in personal healing work for the greater good. They underscore the importance of acting on intuitive nudges received, recognizing them as essential guides on the transformative journey.
  • Pricing Changes and Reaching More People
    Highlighting a shift in pricing for their coaching programs, Guy and Ilan express their intention to reach more individuals. The emphasis is on supporting collective growth, fostering a sense of community, and widely distributing transformative teachings.

Embark on a profound exploration in Episode 316 of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, as Guy and Ilan openly share their challenging yet enlightening experiences with plant medicine in the Columbian jungle. From integrating these teachings to envisioning a planetary shift into higher consciousness, the hosts navigate the complexities of inner wisdom and transformative growth.

The depth that we can feel, the pain, the hurt, the grief, the despair, the longing, is equal in the world of love and connection that we had with that person.

Ilan Ferdman

Join us on this transformative journey, reflecting on messages and intuitions, committing to personal healing, and fostering open conversations. Engage with the teachings and explore the path to inner wisdom and growth. Delve into the paradox of selfish healing for collective benefit, the importance of acting on intuition, and the significance of community support.

Episode Chapters:

  • Embarking on Plant Medicine Journey
    • Unveiling the recent venture into plant medicine work in the Columbian jungle, describing it as an intricate blend of challenge and enlightenment.
  • Transitioning Into Higher Consciousness
    • Sharing a profound vision of the planet's transition into higher consciousness, drawing parallels to a birthing process and highlighting humanity's vital role in this transformative journey.
  • Navigating the Selfishness Paradox
    • Delving into the paradox of selfishly pursuing personal healing for collective well-being. Guy and Ilan stress the significance of heeding intuitive nudges as indispensable guides on the path to transformation.
  • Revamping Pricing for Wider Reach
    • Announcing of revised pricing for their coaching programs. Guy and Ilan express their dedication to reaching a broader audience, fostering community growth, and disseminating transformative teachings far and wide.

The most selfless thing you could do is selfishly heal yourself. Because it heals the collective.

Guy Ferdman

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