Interview About The 5 Personality Patterns: Episode 275 with Steven Kessler

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're excited to bring you one of our heroes, the author Steven Kessler on the show to talk about his book The 5 Personality Patterns and we go deep into a conversation around trauma healing, energetic work, mapping out personality patterns and understanding yourself on a deeper level.

When a person gets overwhelmed they go into one of the five defense strategies

Steven Kessler

We're super happy to be able to have one of our heroes Steven Kessler on the show. The level of knowledge and wisdom that his man has put out over the years is incredible and he has helped us so much in our own journeys.

We can't wait for you to hear more about his work in today's conversation.

Firstly, we go deep into his work and teachings around his book, The 5 Personality Patterns as he shares with us insights that help not just to understand yourself on a much deeper level but also to heal the trauma that has been stuck for years.

Most of us have spent so much of our lives traumatized. And the trauma has gotten so stuck in our energy bodies that we actually don’t know it.

Steven Kessler

Steven gives generously in our conversation as he shares with us the science behind his work and why it has been so effective over the years to help people grow in their own personal development and their relationships.

With his knowledge, he's been able to map out the patterns of the five major personalities and this information helps you give a greater understanding of yourself, other people, and how you relate to them and the world around you.

Moreover, the importance and value of this work are something we can not share enough with you.

This is an incredible conversation with one of the greats. Tune in to today's episode, this is something you can't afford to miss!

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In Today's Episode:

  • The 5 Personality Patterns and Why They Are So Important To Know About
  • How Healing Trauma Actually Works On An Energetic Level
  • The Difference Between Your True Self And Your Personality And Why It Matters
  • Understanding Yourself Through Mapping Your Personality
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

The sense of separation from nature is the defining characteristic of western culture. It both ables us to act on the natural world and it’s what makes us so fundamentally lonely.

Steven Kessler

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4.00 Stevens background

14.00 Trauma and how the energy gets stuck in the system

25.00 What happens with the embodiment

32.00 The re-integration process

40.00 Spiritual bypassing and why it doesn’t work

46.00 Energy fields and patterns

51.00 The separation from nature

60.00 The various character styles and how they work with each other

70.00 The importance of a map of personality