Interview About Parenting with Science on Your Side: Episode 274 with Danielle Dick

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're excited to share with you an awesome conversation with the incredible parenting author Danielle Dick, where she shares with us the science behind parenting, tips, and tricks that actually work, and some incredible insights that are very useful for every parent.

So many of us as parents are questioning what we are doing, I want to help parents empower themselves and their kids 

Danielle Dick

We are super excited for you to hear today's episode because today's guest Danielle Dick has helped us so much in our own parenting journey.

We’ve read tons of parenting books and most of them give great advice. But Danielle's book “The Child Code” is truly on a different level. In her book, she marries genetics with child-raising and digs into the science of what actually works. 

The best way to respond to kids who are having trouble, no matter the situation – is always with empathy

Danielle Dick

We all do our best as parents and it's no easy game to play. Sometimes it can feel like no matter how aware we are of our own triggers and how much work we've done on ourselves, it's still a losing battle at times.

What Danielle shares with us so gracefully in this conversation takes away the guesswork and the pressure to be perfect, because she shares with us the science behind why genetics play a major role in our children's needs, triggers, and responses.

Danielle gives us awesome insights and you'll learn about the three different personality types and why understanding which one you are dealing with can be the complete gamechanger. And there will be practical tips that you can bring with you in your day-to-day life.

If you want to parent with science on your side and use parenting strategies that actually work – Tune in to today's episode!

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In Today's Episode:

  • The Science Behind Great Parenting And How To Make It Work For You
  • Why Understanding Genetics Play Such A Massive Role When It Comes To Parenting
  • The “Three E's” That Play A Significant Role In Understanding Your Kids' Behavior
  • Practical Tips That Will Help Up Your Parenting Game NOW
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

By understanding your child's disposition, what we can do is go from being reactive to pro-active

Danielle Dick

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3.00 Danielle shares a bit about her background

6.00 Why understanding genetics in parenting is so important

10.00 The three “E’s”

15.00 Breaking down the three “E’s”

23.00 Traumatizing doctors note

28.00 Practices in the moment of emotional hi-jack

38.00 Partner relationships