How To Increase Your Perfomance and Leverage Conflict: Episode 269 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we are happy to share with you a talk about performance, relationships, and resolving conflicts. We dig deep into the correlation between trauma and performance and share with you insights that might surprise you and give you a new outlook on how you can perform without stress and in alignment.

All of our relationships are a reflection of our inner being

Guy Ferdman

So we are going to be super honest with you guys. We realized that because we are so in the energetic awareness headspace these days and that’s what we love. We often don’t talk about our work in terms of personal performance much these days. 

We are going to do a better job of talking about how this is not just about feeling better about yourself just to feel better. But also how it’s going to lead to better performance, how it makes relationships better, conflict resolution.

What we do here is spiritual science. It’s accredited stuff by the latest research in neuroscience, quantum physics.

When you are healing aspects of yourself, when you are in a better relationship with your partner you will be better in every area of life, such as performing better in business, in health, as a father.

Most people perform because there is this innate drive to compete with others. That is a never-ending losing battle. But it doesn’t have to be that way

Ilan Ferdman

When there is tension in a relationship it’s the exact opposite. It affects everything that you do. Everything affects everything.

So we often think “I’m going to get good in business and coaching people, but my personal life is in f*ing shambles”.

And there is no way that is not impacting an interaction with a potential client because whether you are saying it or not there is a vibrational frequency in your body that you are holding that’s not allowing you to authentically say what you want to say. 

Everything we do with our clients, our intention is that people are in the best health of their lives, the best relationships of their lives, making more money, pursuing their passions.

In today’s episode, we really want to show you what kind of results this work opens up for people and what lives it creates 

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In Today's Episode:

  • Why Trauma Doesn’t Have To Drive Performance
  • How To Leverage Your Relationships
  • New Tools To Performance From Alignment
  • How To Resolve Conflict In Your Relationships
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

Humans are just vibration, frequency, and sound. When you are out of alignment there is a different tonality to your voice that people pick up

Guy Ferdman

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Guy and Ilan Ferdman are blood brothers and founders of Satori Prime. They have combined 36+ years of coaching in the fields of business, leadership, personal development, and spiritual growth. Their application of psychology & neuroscience combined with ancient practices of energetics gives them a unique approach to problem-solving and transforming lives. Plus, their sense of humor and charismatic nature makes their teaching style fun and effective.


07.00 Performance from an unhealthy space

13.00 How trauma can drive performance 

19.00 The programming of society 

25.00 Conflict resolution between people