Unlocking Your Intuition (A Simple Guide): Episode 268 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we are excited to be back with a new year and a new podcast filled with awesomeness. We are sharing with you a simple, yet comprehensive guide on intuition. How to understand it, notice it, connect with it and live by it in order to create abundant life.

The main foundational thing that we train people to cultivate is a feeling of safety and well-being in their body system

Ilan Ferdman

We are super excited to start this year of 2022 and we wanted to kick it off by talking about something exciting that we get asked all the time.

Whether we are doing podcasts, summits, or when people find our work, something that people look for and talk about a lot is – how to enhance and more deeply connect to their intuition. 

And while we want to get you guys away from this idea that there is some magical formula, we do honestly believe that the practices that heighten and awaken your intuition are actually quite simple. 

Most people in today’s society are constantly in a state of fight, flight or freeze

Ilan Ferdman

We are not talking about the time frame it will take you to get to that place, we are talking about the steps that we have taken to get a stronger sense of your intuition. And we’ve also coached thousands of people to help re-awaken that aspect of yourself. 

The problem is that most people don't feel safe. And if you don’t feel safe and you are trying to create results from that place, there is negative energy to that which will put you into a loop of unsafety.

So how can we create safety and create the life we want? Tune in to find out.

In this episode, you will get a simple, yet comprehensive guide on how to understand your intuition, how to connect deeper with it, how to notice it, trust it, and how to live by it so that you can create an abundant life that you want to live.

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In Today's Episode:

  • A Simple Yet Comprehensive Guide On Understanding Intuition
  • How To Get A Deeper Connection With Your Intuition
  • The Difference Between Attention and Awareness
  • Why Putting A Ton Of Effort On Your Intuition Is Counterproductive
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

Awareness is to the mind as food is to the body

Guy Ferdman

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Guy and Ilan Ferdman are blood brothers and founders of Satori Prime. They have combined 36+ years of coaching in the fields of business, leadership, personal development, and spiritual growth. Their application of psychology & neuroscience combined with ancient practices of energetics gives them a unique approach to problem-solving and transforming lives. Plus, their sense of humor and charismatic nature makes their teaching style fun and effective.


6.00 A few things that are in the way of living from intuition 

17.00 Why you can’t effort your way closer to your intuition 

22.00 Ilan’s scary story

25.00 The difference between attention and awareness

28.00 How to get to abundance

36.00 Noticing and feeding your intuition 

41.00 Freeing yourself of the need of pleasing other people

48.00 Motivation vs Intuition 

54.00 How to experience and uncover your intuition