The Art & Science of Healing: Episode 243 with Guy & Mandy Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're diving deep into the art and science of healing. We talk about the difference between ‘growing up' and ‘waking up', how to get more well-being in relationships, and share with you simple practices that will massively help you on your healing journey. 

“Healing is sporadic, it has its own timing and it can’t be forced”

– Guy Ferdman 

In today’s episode, we are very excited to welcome back Mandy Ferdman to the podcast. Mandy is Guy's wife and she has over 20 years of experience in the spiritual and energetic healing world. 

We're digging deep into the art & science of healing. Is healing art or science? We believe it's both and we will share with you why. 

We also go into our relationship and how to create well-balanced partnerships. Being in a partnership with a desire to grow, enlighten, expand and be conscious together. 

How we choose to grow and learn from our partners, its a beautiful path when you are willing to be in alignment with us. Finding ways to make the most amount of harmony in the complex and dynamic situations we can be in which is a partnership/relationship. 

We don’t pretend to have it all figured out. Our transformation continues to shift. The observer will change. We are each having our own experience.

If you come here for hard facts, we are not here to deliver. What we do find is a big aspect of healing, is making the turn from seeing things as painful to really start to shift everything as an opportunity.

When suddenly discomfort comes up, it doesn’t mean the relationship is wrong, it’s just the next incredible opportunity.

It’s easy to feel “this is not the partner for me” if that is the lens you perceive through. There is healing here and misalignment. Not put blame on yourself, but acknowledge that there is room for growth. 

You will learn about the difference between ‘growing up' and ‘waking up' and why it's important to find balance in order to cultivate well-being. 

Tune into today's episode if you are curious about taking your healing journey to the next level, if you feel stuck on your path spinning in circles then this episode will open your eyes and heart to a new path of light. 

“Trying hard to force healing is counterproductive. When you fixate on anything it doesn’t give it room to release, it actually keeps it stuck in that place.

 –  Mandy Ferdman

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In Today's Episode:

  • Learn More About The Art and The Science Of Healing
  • The Difference Between ‘Growing Up' and ‘Waking Up'
  • How To Get More Peace and Well Being in Your Relationships
  • Why Understanding The Root Cause Isn't Enough To Heal
  • Why Trying To Heal Just Makes The Healing Take Longer
  • ….and MUCH MORE! 

“Healing happens when the sensation is experienced through the body, but the mind is not merged into the identity. Then the energy can liberate and move through the body cleanly and what ends up happening is the sensation disappears and the mind no longer has to run a program to protect itself from that sensation.

–  Guy Ferdman

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