Centering Yourself In The Face of the Unknown and Fear: Episode 242 with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we talked about dealing with fear, the unknown, and uncertainty. We will go into our personal experiences over the last couple of weeks and you're going to learn some practical tips to use when being met with fear and uncertainty. 

“There’s a part inside of you that has guided you to the greatest things in your life. Whether to your soulmate or to finding a certain career path or moving to a certain place. Trust that part

– Ilan Ferdman 

We have both been going through some interesting experiences over the last few days so we thought that we’d come out and share with you what’s been opening up, how we’ve been operating, how we are noticing that we are operating differently.

For those of you who have been listening to the podcast for quite some time, we think by now you kinda get that, really at best what we can do is we can give you a map and share with you what we are noticing in our lives, in the lives of our clients, with our coaches. 

Things that we can point to so that at some level, whether you do any work or not, in the listening your body system can start to reconfigure itself and live from these places. 

So, we are obviously going through some interesting things and for both of us fear and the part of us that becomes afraid has really, really been activated over the past few days…

That’s what we want to bring through in today’s episode and talk more about. Just share with you some of the practices that we have that have really changed the landscape of how we live our lives.

Because we think fear is something that is coming up when we are looking to make changes or pivots in our lives and it really impacts our decision making.

And for most of us, we are being run by that fear response. It used to be what made every single decision in our lives before we started doing all this work. 

When we started doing all this work we began to be able to separate ourselves from that.

If you are currently dealing with a lot of fear and what to know more about how to deal with it in a less responsive and more aligned way…

Tune into today’s episode to get practical tips and hear our stories on how to better deal with fear and the unknown. 

“I’ve realized that following my heart is always going to freak the crap out of my brain. The logical linear mind wants nothing to do with your heart which is pulling you towards your greatest purpose, love or peace. It just wants safety. This is important to understand

 –  Ilan Ferdman

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In Today's Episode:

  • Practical tips and insights on how to deal with fear and the unknown 
  • Why the mind is freaking out when we start to follow our heart
  • How witness your mind from a state of aligned awareness
  • How to make better decisions that are truly from a connected place 
  • ….and MUCH MORE! 

“You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings… You are not even your body!

–  Guy Ferdman

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