Multi-Dimensional Awakening: Episode 238 with Eesha Patel 

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're super excited to bring to you an awesome conversation with the lovely Eesha Patel. Eesha is an incredible energy healer, channel, speaker, and spiritual coach helping conscious leaders to raise the vibrations of the earth. 

“We are multi-dimensional beings, and time doesn’t exist in the other dimensions, so literary nothing is stopping us from shifting the frequency instantly

– Eesha Patel

We are extremely excited to bring an awesome conversation with the incredible Eesha Patel. Eesha is an amazing healer, channel and conscious leader who was introduced to us by a friend and she has completely blown our minds with her wisdom. 

In today's episode, we dig deep into energetic healing, channeling, spiritual awakening, multidimensional frequencies…. 

This is one of those episodes that is definitely going to stretch the comfort zone for some of you guys. 

You'll get to tap into the incredible wisdom of Eesha as we go full-on into a conversation with no limits.

Learn about Eesha's powerful story and how she woke up one day to a powerful surprise that would have her life take an unexpected turn and change her forever. 

You'll experience first hand what it's like to be guided by this amazing human being with a powerful meditation session. 

Just being in the space of her is going to shift your vibration, open your heart, and tap into the higher frequencies of love. 

This is a powerful episode that you simply can't miss! 

“You don’t know when the awakening is gonna happen, but you can create the environment for yourself to activate it

 – Eesha Patel 

Episode Resources:

In Today's Episode:

  • Learn more about channeling and multidimensions 
  • Deep dive into healing, frequencies, and vibrations 
  • Transformational shifts that are happening on earth right now
  • Tune into a powerful guided meditation to open your heart and connect to divine love
  • …and much more!

“When I recieved these downloads I took action instantly, and didn’t worry about the fear. It felt like everyone in my community was waiting for someone else to go first. I just had to share them”

– Eesha Patel

Learn More About Eesha Patel 

Eesha Patel, is an energy healer and spiritual coach who helps other community builders expand their impact and manifest abundance in their lives and the lives of their clients. 

She helps her clients “level-up” their business by focusing on their spiritual life and eliminating the barriers holding them back.

Being blessed to call herself an international channeler, speaker, author, and healer. Eesha’s calling has led her to partner with world-class coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs who also serve a calling higher than themselves.

Together with her clients, she works to raise the vibrations of the earth. In just the past five years, she’s served more than 10,000 people and helped them heal their energy and access their full, multi-dimensional selves . . . all while expanding their businesses.

Time stamps 

03.45 Eesha’s powerful story

17.00 What is actually coming through in the channeling

25.30 Remembering past life experiences 

33.00 Powerful guided meditation 

48.30 Learn more about Eesha’s amazing services

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