A Journey of a Modern-day Shaman: Episode 224 with Linn Rivers

In this week's episode of the Personal Development Without The Fluff podcast, we're happy to bring you a fantastic conversation with the shaman, life coach, filmmaker, and all-around amazing Linn Rivers. We dive deep into her spiritual journey and how she discovered from an early age that she's on a shamanic path. 

“My current process of surrendering is letting go of the idea of who I was and how it was supposed be – by stripping it down to what I am being guided to step into” – Linn Rivers

We're so excited to bring you this wonderful conversation with Linn Rivers. Her story is truly one of a kind. Learn about how she discovered from an early age that she's on a shamanic spiritual path, what that means to her and how she resisted it at times.

This conversation is a beautiful deep dive into the subject of surrender.

So often in life, we set these clear paths of what we think we should do with life. And then we end up doing something completely different because we are being guided to something bigger and often times scarier.

Linn Rivers is a clear example of this as she shares her incredible life journey of a tough upbringing, to losing her partner and being struck by lightning in a near-death experience.

This is a truly fascinating conversation with someone who as chosen a very different path to the status quo and shares her amazing insights on how following her intuition has taken her through an incredible life journey and thankfully she's here to share her wisdom that has come from that.

“At my near death experience I realized that – At the core of my being I am a shaman,  which means to heal oneself and to use that wisdom and pave it forward. ”  – Linn Rivers


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A Journey of a Modern-day Shaman – In This Episode:

  • An incredible story of a modern-day shaman and what that means
  • How surrendering to our intuition will completely change our lives
  • Why there's no right or wrong when it comes to each individual's spiritual path
  • Having trust and faith through the hardest times of our lives
  • Deep insights that will help you transform your way of being
  • …and much more!

“We are humans with emotions for a reason – anger is not to shame and hide. It’s just saying something is not right in my life and pointing us in a direction ” – Linn Rivers

Learn More About Linn Rivers

Linn Rivers is a life coach, writer, speaker, leader and filmmaker. She's highly intuitive, natural born, a clairsentient healer who was put on a Shamanic journey very early in life. She has utilized her deeply troubled past to create conscious media in many different forms to assist people in waking up to their own authentic reality.

Through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic media, she is able to tap into the subconscious mind of the audience in order to illicit conscious questions and reveals deeper understandings of oneself. Media platforms include but are not limited to; movies, videos, podcasts, music, theater, writing, and photography. She teams up with amazing talent in different fields to make an impact in whichever way presents itself.

While Linn did not choose the events that she had to overcome, she will be the first to tell you that the journey of stepping into the world of Shamanism is not for the faint of heart.

Time Stamps:

5.30 Linn shares her story and how she’s practicing surrendering to the events in her life right now

11.00 Ilan shares about how scary it can be to move on and let go even though you know it’s the right thing to do

15.00 Linn shares about her surrendering and letting go process 

22.30 Ilan shares about how he’s shifted his focus from goals to a surrender experiment 

27.00 Linn shares some daily practices to cultivate trust, surrender and really listen within 

32.00 Linn shares why she doesn’t believe in goalsetting 

36.00 Linn shares her experience of her shamanic journey

47.00 Linn shares about her move to Los Angeles and why she felt called to do it