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Why Intention Setting Doesn't Always Work and What to Do About It

The power of intention is a buzz phrase that can oftentimes feel a bit far on the woo-woo scale. In this episode, we're taking a look at what that really means and how intentions can be used to massively benefit your life.

When you're creating an intention, the energy behind it is what determines the unfoldment of it, not just a simple thought alone. In this episode, we're further taking a look at what in your life is messing with the forces of balance and neutrality. These are the forces that impact the manifestation of your intentions and of the direction your life leads you to.

Tune in to this episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff to really take a deep dive into why intention setting doesn't work and what to do about it.

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Important Notes:

  • Beginning in a place of harmonious balance is key to setting an intention.
  • Lack of self-love can crush any intention before it gets a chance to reveal its manifestation.
  • Desire and importance each carry their own unique weight that may help or hurt your intention.
  • Appreciation and gratitude of your life is a recipe for allowing your intentions to come through.

Time Stamps:

3:07 – Power of Intention.

6:55 – Forces of balance and neutrality.

7:29 – Shift yourself through awareness.

13:36 – Examples that resonated.

17:05 – Find that place of alignment and peace.

23:45 – Let yourself experience the emotions and thoughts that come along.

27:32 – Alignment with the decisions and the choices.

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