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#205 More than achieving goals – CRUSH them without ADDING more

How to Crush Your Goals without Creating More Goals

At the end of each year, there's this feeling of completion. Like you're wrapping up experiences, mindsets, and parts of you that you're consciously choosing not to continue carrying with you any further. At the beginning of a new year, we're filled with this energy of creation.

In this episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we're sharing what has been the most effective in creating ease and flow in the process of creation (aka crushing your goals) for us. Different styles of creation and goal achievement can be more or less effective for a person based on an individual's personal gifts. A person's constitution and how their system is set up is important to recognize in this process. Finding your unique way of how you create, manifest, and feel into what you want to do next is key.

Want to learn more and go even deeper? Download this meditation here.

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Important Notes:

  • Picturing your goal
  • Visualize your journey
  • Be like an author of a book. Go through your first draft. Then as you continue to write the draft, add more details, continue on the process of what's good for you.
  • Achieving unity between heart and mind is enough to bring outer intention under the way of your will.

Time Stamps:

1:54 – What we're going to do by the year 2020.

3:08 – The feeling of completion and what happens around that.

4:57 – Most effective tools.

8:05 – Write all these amazing things down on paper.

9:52 – Look for where in life you are experiencing more peace.

12:56 – What you go through on that path.

17:03 – Move towards your goals in a new way.

18:30 – How achieving goals can be effortless.

27:33 – Intention vs. goal setting

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