If you're in unworthiness, and you take action out of unworthiness, the action will result in more unworthiness or scarcity or fear. - Guy and Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

Facing Your Fears: A Guide to Self Worth

In this episode, we decided to bring you a recording of one of our community trainings because this one was incredible and full of wisdom nuggets. The questions we received were great for anyone looking to go deeper into their own personal growth. Here's an overview of a few topics we covered:

Our guest Erica is dealing with conflicts and guilt over a guy who she thinks was an abuser and manipulator with her life. Kim keeps getting into relationships that never become closer intimately. Jamie wants support on how to get over childhood trauma. We go one by one in-depth on these topics and more.

Tune in to this conversation to hear discussions on personal development, facing fears, awareness, healing and much more.

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The truest form of this work is getting into connection with another, that can give you a clean reflection as I said, and start to heal. - Guy and Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

Important Notes:

  • In order to overcome a huge level of pain, that your system had no idea how to deal with, you created certain protection mechanisms. These protection mechanisms are what show up in situations when you get triggered.
  • You can't control what people say, you can't control how people feel. You can’t control what people think.
  • There's no perfect person out there that's going to see you the way that you want to be seen, give you the things that you want to be given, the connection that you want to get. The only person that knows how you want to receive it is you.

Time Stamps:

6:07       – How Erica deals with her flatmate

13:00     – Kim on getting in a relationship and her fears.

16:50     – The example of a dating perspective.

21:46     – Start working with your attachment style.

23:00     – Afraid of being alone.

34:03     – Becoming aware and building a relationship with instead of creating a fight.

38:59     – How to focus on the feeling and building capacity to feel more? What you may find is that as you start accepting more and more of the world.

48:01     – Strategies on how to get into the subconscious.

53:08     – How to be in control with life

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