“There's this law in the universe that seems to adhere itself to neutrality.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

Priorities are a big part of how we operate in life. They help us organize, focus, invest time and have a vision. However, the amount of importance you put on something might not mean you get the results you want out of it.

Do you ever have instances where there’s something you’ve been wanting so bad that you’re constantly swimming upstream to get it? You keep chasing it but then you eventually let it go. And before you know it, that thing you wanted falls right into place for you.

Sometimes life just works out that way.

That’s why in today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we’re discussing the benefits of learning to lower the amount of importance you place on certain aspects or goals of your life. This can be anything from finances to career plans.

Tune in to this conversation to give yourself a break from overwhelming yourself.

Visit satoriprime.com/meditate to learn the meditation technique we discuss in this episode.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Stop looking for the answer and realize that the answer is always changing. 
  • Our very universe is essentially a balancing act.
  • We are continuously manifesting from our present place/state at every moment. 
  • Regardless of whether you hate or love something, the more energy you focus on it, the more energy it gets.
  • Focus your meditation on becoming aware rather than focusing on clearing your mind. 
  • “Mind over matter” is not the solution to discomfort. 
  • Faking your self-confidence can cost you your self-confidence.
  • Learn to find safety in yourself before chasing money for safety. 
“If faking it until you make it worked, everyone would be making it because everyone is faking it.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet
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