“People don’t understand that when you eat is sometimes just as important as what you eat.”
- Dr. Tami Meraglia
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Most of the time when people hear the topic of stem cells, they tense up. It’s a topic that has caused lots of disagreement and heated debate. 

One of the main polarizing focal points of the discussion is whether it’s ethical or not to pursue research and use of them.

That very discussion is what brings us here. Today stem cells can be utilized ethically and open up a countless array of possibilities for our bodies to heal themselves.

That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Dr. Tami Meraglia to discuss the ways stem cells can be used with great benefit without causing harm to anyone. 

Tune in to this conversation to open your eyes to a possible new journey to your personal well-being.

You can learn more about Dr. Meraglia and Seattle Stem Cell Center at https://seattlestemcellcenter.net.

“The story that you tell yourself about what you deserve and who you are, actually dictates about 90% of your cellular activity.” - Dr. Tami MeragliaClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • The timing of the way feed and rest your body is so crucial to your health.
  • Stem cells aren’t only present in embryos, they’re also present in adult fat.
  • Adult stem cells are less likely to be at risk of causing tumors than embryonic stem cells.
  • Stem cell growth is significantly affected by its environment.
  • Your thoughts and feelings can alter the structure and function of your cells. 
  • The FDA has declared they essentially have the rights and jurisdiction over YOUR stem cells.
  • Eating just 10% more vegetables a day can significantly improve your longevity. 
  • Unlike surgery, stem cell therapy does not have a high risk of worsening your condition.
“Nothing that you do, eat or participate in is neutral. It’s either helping or harming.” - Dr. Tami MeragliaClick to Tweet
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