“The perfect combination of chaos and stability creates growth.” - Dr. Allen BittakerClick to Tweet

Physical pain is one of the main forms of communication that we listen to in our bodies. It grabs our attention immediately and sometimes we can’t manage to take our attention away from it once it’s there. It communicates that something is going on that the body is not used to and that you need to be made aware of it. And although pain is what we are most familiar with in terms of our body telling us something, it’s not the only thing our bodies tell us.

Our body communicates with us in numerous ways that take time and mindfulness to become aware of. Thankfully there are practices that help us do just that: listen to our own body language. That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Allen Bittaker, a skilled chiropractor who practices a nontraditional technique called Network Spinal technique which integrates both mind and body to release tense energies that the body might have deposited.

Tune in to this conversation to grasp concepts of becoming more in-tune with practices that help you listen to your body and release energy that needs to be relinquished.  

You can learn more about Allen Bittaker on his Facebook page

“This world is made up of language whether it’s spoken or not.” - Dr. Allen BittakerClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Chiropractic is a practice of physical and spiritual merging.
  • A crucial part of growth and release is less forcing and more allowing of the self to grow.
  • Rolfing is a practice that reorganizes and restructure the fascia in the body.
  • The philosophy of pain being crucial to growth isn’t necessarily valid. Growth can be effortless.
  • The human body contains far more microbes than it does cells.
  • A big part of our anxiety is that we run from it too often rather than sit with it.
  • Talking out the things that come up for you are crucially therapeutic.
  • Human beings make decisions but rarely make choices.
“A rule for me is to listen to what I say because when I say things, that’s my truth.” - Dr. Allen BittakerClick to Tweet
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