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157: Do More By Doing Less with Amina AlTai ·

We’re told busy is better.

Wake up, workout, hustle all day, burn the midnight oil on your side hustle—this is the routine for success. Or, that’s at least what we’re told.

But it turns out when we follow this protocol and frantically run about town, the money doesn’t cannot find us

When we instead choose to sit with our thoughts and breathe through the anxieties—we can more swiftly navigate the puzzles and challenges of our day-to-day. And that is when the true wealth comes flowing our way.

On today’s episode of Old Souls & Souls, we are joined by brand strategist, wellness consultant, and speaker—Amina AlTai—to discuss the mechanics behind this mindset.

Tune in to learn how to achieve abundance without the frenzied demeanor the world tells us we need.

You can learn more about Amina AlTai here

The Cliff Notes:

  • Take stock of what you need to celebrate in yourself and what you need to release
  • Relieve yourself of the need to constantly be in motion
  • When we are authentic with ourselves, we create the conduits towards clarity
  • If you are constantly moving around, then money cannot find you  
  • The rise in mid-life crises is due to core beliefs changing and the rising collective consciousnessness
  • There has never been an easier time for you to create a business from your gift
  • You can only see the benefits of meditation after conducting a 30-day meditation challenge
  • At the end of the day—humans just want love, connection, and peace
  • Understand that preparedness comes from a place of ego

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