“The breakthroughs that one seeks are very rarely inside the arena that they’re having the breakdowns in.” - Guy & Ilan Ferdman Click to Tweet

Scheduling complicates our lives.

We wake up every morning, go to work, maybe hit the gym, and then spend time with our loved ones. This segmentation of time tricks our systems into believing this is how life works—that a problem during work hours is caused by something during work hours or stagnation in a relationship is because of something inside the relationship.

When we zoom out, we can see the real mechanics at play. More often than not, an issue in one arena of life is caused by something in a completely unrelated place.

In today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are discussing how to achieve these breakthroughs. By stepping outside the logical realm and accessing the energy within ourselves, we can transcend the constraints our scheduled lives put on us.

Tune in to this conversation to hear how to breakthrough your roadblock, so you can have it all!

The Cliff Notes:

  • Very rarely are your breakthroughs in the arenas you are having your breakdowns in.
  • Understand that you’re focusing on a question, not so much a problem.
  • Recognize when you are getting angry at yourself, not the externalities.
  • See how the circumstances are shining a light on inside yourself.
  • The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.
  • Feel instead of trying to band-aid your problems with positive thinking, hypnotherapy exercises, etc.
  • There is no cause and effect, instead all affects all.
  • Reprogramming the subconscious comes from working with energy, not logic.
  • You can only create more safety by expanding your system, not your mind.
  • Identity traps you in a needing to verify that you are right.
“Mindset can change the story.” - Guy & Ilan Ferdman Click to Tweet