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Scared of Dying or Fear of Death – Overcome It

Most of us have a finite understanding of life.

Society drills this into our heads—the idea that we’re born one day and we die another is something we hardly question.

However, what occurs when we look inward, and challenge this simplistic notion of life?

When we start to invite the ideas of afterlife into our consciousness, our  day-to-day changes drastically. The triggers and moments of anxiety suddenly no longer have weight, they become a fraction of our infinite existence.

On today’s episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are joined by Peter Smith. Peter is the President of the Newton Institute, and in this conversation—he dives deep into the worlds of existence that we typically don’t look at.

Tune in to this conversation to reframe your understanding of death, so you can live a more meaningful life.

You can learn more about The Newton Institute here

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
  • Activate the immortal soul within yourself to transcend the human condition
  • Choose to perceive conflict as an opportunity to learn
  • Raise the vibration of humanity to new eras of human consciousness
  • Research shows 70% of the U.S. population is on some sort of pharmaceutical drug
  • There is a use-case for anxiety, we’re not supposed to walk down a dark alley at 3AM
  • Recognize when struggle is the source of your connection
  • Understand that the people around you chose to have their experience
  • Find the balance between letting something be and administering guidance
  • “Magic becomes more real the more you believe in it.”