To be stuck in mind is to be stuck in an ego-driven perspective. While escape from this mechanism is unlikely until the point of true liberation and enlightenment, it is still possible to gently place awareness on the mind to see it at work.

Until one chooses to continue to observe the mind, one will never be free of its enslavement grasp. If you’re trapped in a point of view, if you are addicted to things (or people), then you are a slave to that viewpoint and existence.

You fight for it’s right to exist and judge mostly anything that counters that viewpoint. There is NO VICTORY in righteousness. There’s only the lack of what truly matters…

❤Authentic Confidence

…are all thrown away for the benefit of the ego.

The goal, as I see it, is not to displace or shut the mind out. It’s simply to begin seeing that the mind is not the true master of the house, the heart is the mechanism that can teach the mind through “coherence”, creating a heart-mind connection that seems all but lost in society at this time.

In this place, deep observance of the mind and body can take place. As one becomes conscious of this type of awareness, the body naturally begins liberating stuck energy at a great pace and the mind is no longer needed as a protection mechanism to attempt to create a false sense of safety. The mind does not play this role well, it is overwhelmed by the task.


While it may seem disheartening to see society “crumble” as it is right now, we need not increase the worry in our minds in an attempt to create safety. The mind in its linear fashion creates structures and then begins to neatly place everything into these structures.

No structure is meant to last forever, be it physical or the rigid structures we create in ourselves through patterned thinking.

Tested over a long enough timeline no structure will hold up as evolution is always marching on and cares not for your stuck thoughts or ways.

Evolution unequivocally creates new ways of being, thoughts, and actions exposing themselves constantly to our unified awareness.

Think of it like dancing through the ages; how it keeps evolving in the way people learn to move and explore their bodies, even though the same bodies have been used for millions of years we constantly see new dances and ways of moving this structure that were never thought of prior.

It is the brilliant heart that is connected to ‘the all’ that is able to grow in parabolic ways. Unimaginable to a thinking mind how ‘magical happenings’ can enter our life experience when we choose to let the structures we’ve built to be destroyed (or de-story) in order to see what arrives in its place.

We can receive so much more when we allow ourselves to live in a space free of rigid thinking and being, allowing for the emergent space to inform the mind how to operate at higher frequencies.

These uncertain times are a collective de-storying of structures that under the stress of time have proven to not have much integrity, thus they inevitably fail and are displaced. Space is created and the gap is filled with new energy, new knowing, new beingness.

We need to remember that we experience time in a false manner, that time doesn’t really exist, and spiritual evolutions will eventually bring human consciousness to a place where we will be free of this linear thinking of the time-space.

We will be able to feel into places and energies unbound by time and intuit into the multi-dimensional realms that exist beyond the mind’s imagination.

If you’d like to play a bigger role in the evolution of humanity, notice that arguing about your perspective is the linear thinking mind trying to grasp onto safety through knowing and certainty.

Neither of which actually exist.

Knowing is always evolving, so it can always be re-known differently. Certainty is an illusion, safety is an illusion.

The safest safety is done when cultivating trust in the greater field. In the oneness, in however you interpret God.

Knowing that this physical body is no more the start of you than it is the end of you. Your soul energy continues on in all sorts of forms that continue the consciousness evolution of God realizing itself as God in all things.

In living in such a sense of trust that all acts of kindness, bitterness, and hate have their own beauty and perfection and are a necessary part of our maturation in human consciousness.

Allowing your own inner structures to dismantle themselves, and sitting patiently in the stillness will allow new energy to arise. This energy will create new structures, thinking, and being without effort on your part.

The new structure will serve for a time and then the structure will have to be let go of again and the consciousness placed once again into the unknown to let the evolution of awareness continue to unfold.

The more we individually lean into letting go of righteous structures the more transcendent and inclusive society will become. This is easy to map through the history of man as society continues to become more cohesive as we naturally evolve into unity consciousness.

If you wish to play a bigger role, so we can be more connected and inclusive, experiment with letting go of what you believe true, become aware of and release rigid linear thinking and watch as compassion arises within you in ways you never experienced before.


When enough individuals are living in greater alignment, a natural transformation of society will take place without much effort. It will just arise and be.

In service and love,
Guy Ferdman
Knight of Light

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