What if tomorrow the news bombarded the public with only positive news?

They showed us people supporting one another, meditating, hugging, and laughing with the same fervor they speak about viruses and violence?

What if that happened for just one month?

What effect would this have on our subconscious, beliefs, and biases? What kind of world would we live in and what kind of children could we raise?

If minorities we’re portrayed like prominent new friends, people to inquire about and get interested in, instead of beaten up and made to feel lesser.

We seem to live in a society that has learned to act only from reactivity, not from their alignment.

We live in a world where no one is seemingly allowed to pause and take time before they are to give an answer, they are demanded to answer. Where heads of state have to answer immediately and unequivocally to every situation without much pause or consideration. Without taking time to quiet, feel, and reflect.

We’ve learned to normalize living from fight or flight.

We’ve learned that condemnation is the same as holding someone responsible and that once responsible that they are apprehensible. Second chances are fleeting and the internet mob remembers everything. Holding us to impossible standards as the imperfect beings that we are.

Lest you be the one that doesn’t conform, doesn’t agree, or forms an opinion not drummed up by the media and the agreeing public, the fear of being outcast for human beings that are built for community living causes great fear.

The fear of being outcast is terrifying.

Fear that has good people, abiding by rules that are against their benefit due to fear, scarcity, and lack. Abiding by rules so they don’t step out of line with a commonly held narrative, so we don’t have to feel alone.

When we’re afraid, we feel alone.

When we feel alone it can feel like we’re dying. So best to join the herd as long as there's a plan in place. Even if that plan is totally crazy and we don’t agree with the plan deep down, best to follow it anyways. It can seem that some action is better than none, and that often is actually not the case.

I’m not saying that protesting isn’t right, far from. For those that feel the need to express their sadness and anger this way it is completely appropriate to do so and I applaud you. It is hard to imagine Gandhi or Martin Luther King with a stick in hand though. Neither action is better, different people, with different energies, all have a role to play in the unfolding of human evolution.

For some, sitting in silence and supporting the field is the best work they can do.
For some sitting in silence and offering their presence is the best work they can do.
For some getting in front of a bullhorn and inspiring people is the best work they can do.
For some raging and releasing long-held anger and frustration is the best work they can do.

Condemnation is a self-projection of our own inner judgments that we have NOT built a capacity to deal with yet. We project them outwardly on others and the world, to deal with it “out here” trying to make it go away (or change it) so that our inner critic can finally calm down and feel safe again.

It is this illusion of the outer world causing us harm that has kept us from seeing the truth of deep inner work. This is not a reflection that atrocities are not being heralded upon groups of people all over the world and in our country. Clearly, they are.

Hopefully, these experiences are opportunities to heal and clear our own inner distortions so that the outer world will better reflect our growing inner peace, well-being, safety, connection, and love. As we enable our bodies to release trauma and more naturally experience life through these lenses, the unfolding reality naturally shifts to reflect our inner shifts.

The world has never transformed because of everyone conforming. The world has always transformed on the backs of those that flew in the face of commonly held beliefs and challenged us to think, feel, and act in new ways.

These people were often called antagonists at first. They were discredited, talked down to, and were bullied into changing their narrative into the agreed-upon narrative of their time.

Later we often find, that it’s these individuals who we hold up as our historical heroes as we reflect on their contribution through time. Even the worst atrocities caused by the most heinous of people were contributions to our society, helped us to grow, and evolve into a more cohesive and inclusive society.

Our society’s inability to hold more than one opinion or viewpoint at a time is a major downfall and a point of constant agony online and in our society. We have an insatiable hunger for creating new words and context so we can conveniently put everyone into perfect little boxes for understanding and judgment.

Words like social distancing, superspreader, white privilege, racist, are created and antagonized by the media, thrown around without a thought about the impact. No doubt they test these phrases in a backroom, like people giving their opinion of a new advertisement to see how sample sizes of people will feel about them.

They are dropped on an unsuspecting public and used to create further separation as we split society into infinite sects of people who can barely get along even when their beliefs and goals are nearly aligned in every other way. We barely take the time to feel into the impact they have on us or society and it makes it convenient to know that “I am not that” so I must judge that which I believe is that.

Laws of the land are passed with nary a breath or word from the public who aren’t asked to weigh in on systemic changes. Promises made for decades of change to come that is halted at every turn by greed, money, and corporate interests.

We judge people before knowing their story, before knowing their challenges, or the intention of their heart. All of us have had challenges, plenty of white people have experienced hardships on grand scales. Black people and minorities clearly have been treated apprehensively for far too long and all facets of society at one level or another are dealing with challenges that are impossible to understand from our personal point of view.

See that all people, no matter how wealthy or fortunate, still may not feel safe.
No matter how poor or held down clearly do not feel safe.

That’s because this change we seek isn’t a new leader or the perfect law. No matter the impact of recent global and national events, there is no law coming that fixes everything. There is no leader who has all the answers and can snap fingers to bring peace to the world.

The goal we’re all aligned on is safety, how we’ve chosen to pursue this goal has varied greatly from person to person. If we continue to judge ourselves, hence judging others in response, we will continue to live in a world of separation. We will not become intimate with our inner parts and we will project this discomfort on the outside world, the people in it, and act from it.

The peace (I believe) we seek is going to be a shift in our internal processing and the ability to feel through sensations we’ve tried to bury within ourselves for countless generations.

Healing is a process, not one that requires effort, one that requires surrender and allowing. If we can’t surrender to ourselves, we can’t surrender to others, and judgment will always arise to try to make others feel, act, and think the way we do to create a false sense of safety.

Our spiritual knowledge and sovereignty have mostly been forgotten, but they are not lost. Your spiritual sovereignty is what can never be taken away from you. Even in prison or solitude you can deeply contribute to the collective with your harmonic alignment.

Like many of you, I spent days in fear and sadness. The kind that doesn't leave you. Thursday I was white as a ghost, I felt like I had food poisoning. I can't explain these things, like plant medicines which call upon you to purge in order to heal yourself and the collective.

I don't know how it works, but I know deep inside that it's all connected like an intricate spider web where every vibration we output changes the look and feel of the evolving tapestry being created. Everyone is valuable to this creation and everyone’s thoughts, feelings, and actions contribute to the ongoing creation and unfolding of this reality.

I have friends who are deeply concerned about positions I take or posts I may write that are not commonly held beliefs. That's their absolute right. Sometimes it really hurts to disappoint people you love for an idea or self-expression.

I have no idea what's true, but I'm clear that having a single point of view couldn't possibly be true. I do my best to take the time to deeply research, feel into, and create conversations about something that can be challenging at times to look at. I can’t be certain that any of my viewpoints are good and true, they are just viewpoints an exercise in pushing the boundaries of belief and an attempt to understand the nature of our reality.

Reality is too complex for one view to rule them all and for all others to be wrong. It is statistically impossible and yet so many of us walk around with righteousness as if we hold the keys to the true reality. We try to understand a world with a mind that wasn’t designed to be able to understand it.

Falsely trying to create safety through knowing, through understanding, through achievement, through overpowering, through condemnation, through judgment — all models that fail over and over again.

Conspiracy theories are conveniently coined events so that we don’t ask further questions. It is a fool that doesn’t ask more questions. Don’t look over there at so and so, they are crazy, they have weird ideas that were discredited long ago by such and such.

This same playbook was used for cigarettes, countless harmful chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, etc the list is long and eventually, decades later the truth is revealed and public acts shocked while whistleblowers have tried to tell the truth for decades only to be hushed by the noise. Simply for bringing forward uncomfortable questions to the public arena and having people look.

It is comforting at some level to see some of these fringe ideas gain steam and for the public to start asking deeper questions. No doubt watching the unfolding of these riots and virus could bring into question the efficacy of our entire media and power systems.

I don’t think that we’ll like what we end up finding. And even if it leads nowhere, so what? At least we inquired. Whether its a deep state or not, aliens or your uncle bill who cares…asking questions and inquiring has one open up to new ideas and allowing to see what’s in alignment for their system and life right now.

We could all take time to do this simple action each day so that our choices and actions are in alignment with our present moment. Today we mostly invoke our opinions like our life is at stake. As if not knowing the answer is a shameful thing.

Take the time to ask questions and draw your point of view slowly and consciously. Bring in multiple points of awareness. Ones that challenge your view, ones that make no sense, abstract ones, strange ones, and even ones that anger you. It’s okay, death won’t come from seeing what doesn’t align with your egoic beliefs. It’s a way to continue to participate in the opening and evolution of all mankind. It’s a way to disempower your mind from running the show and getting into greater coherence with the heart-mind.

The internet has created a culture where we feel like the whole world has to respond and react to every case big and small. This is too much for our nervous systems and hijacks our ability to soothe ourselves to the point where energy can move and be liberated and released from the body.

After years of being opressed and months of intense worry for most people living in fight or flight has become the norm. It is no wonder people turn to large gatherings showing their dissatisfaction and violence to let go of this pent up energy. It’s a collective temper tantrum in the hope of finding neutrality again.

I hope we no longer have to resort to this as the release also causes another rupture and another. It’s a loop of trauma, like when you’re worried at night and your mind goes through a series of events over and over again, escalating the fear in the body. We can learn and choose to slow ourselves down and take a pause so the collective body can come back to neutrality with more fluidity.

It is clear to me this is happening by design, be it nefarious or divine purpose at work. These events are designed to create a chronic fight or flight response from the masses which allows for people to get out of their bodies, into their minds, and be more easily controlled into actions they may have no favor with.

Raising our individual consciousness is the way out of this trap. There is little to no resolution in laws being created or the next leader being elected. Had this been a solution our current issues would have long since been released and resolved.

I honor you wherever you are in this experience.

I honor those that have been hurt for generations.
Those that are in the streets making their voices heard.
Those sitting at home in fear.
Those at home holding the field and contributing their energy.
Those who have done wrong in pursuit of creating their own safety.

I honor humanity’s complexity.

We will get nowhere with hate, we will liberate and free everyone with love.

Even those that have created so much pain in this world, that have taken power at the expense of the masses, the negligent and sociopathic were children brought into a world and system that did not properly nurture and support their growth. They know not what they do and we will not heal these schisms until we learn to unconditionally love all sentient beings and life.

The world is going through one of the most profound changes ever, it is scary, it includes heartbreak, fear, death. It also includes solidarity, love, healing, community, and transformation.

I applaud humanity for the willingness to go there and get messy.
I applaud humanity for the care they are showing in supporting each other in the face of history. I applaud you wherever you are on this crazy ride.

It does not matter if we agree, cause we won’t, it matters that we see what’s always and will always be common. Simply put, the desire for safety and connection.

We could all use some practice in asking for support, in learning to cultivate more safety and finding new ways to connect with one another to increase the level of healing that is available to all of God’s children no matter their race, creed, gender, or beliefs.

I’m excited about the revelations this time will surely bring and the lessons as we pause and reflect on these moments of heightened energy which I believe and hope will set a new foundation to live from for those that seek it.

My love to you and yours during these uncertain times,
Guy Ferdman
The Knight of Light

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