“90% of human beings live their entire life not knowing that their lives are being run by their ego.”

For many, the ego drives the day-to-day decisions activities, actions, and overall course our lives take. It causes some to become rich, successful in their career, or maybe physically fit. Others, it drives to despair, makes them poor, and holds them back. But it never makes anyone happy, fulfilled, or thereby ultimately successful in life.

Welcome to “Have It All,” a podcast from Guy and Ilan Ferdman of SatoriPrime. Through this show, we are going to dive into what it means to truly have it all, to have a ‘10’ in every area of your life. Not an 8 or 9, not a very good, or good enough. But a true 10 out of 10, all-time high-score, in every area of your life.

Lots of people are able to achieve a 10 in the single area where they choose to focus all of their energy. But more often than not, the energy devoted to that one aspect leads to the neglect of another. We see it all around us: The multi-millionaire whose relationships are bad or nonexistent. The couple who are madly in love with each other, in total bliss, yet struggling financially, barely able to make ends meet.

This podcast is our dive into helping you understand how you can truly have it all, in all aspects of your life, all at the same time. Through teaching, interviews, and more, we’ll explore the tactics, tools, systems, and processes that you can put in place to help you take your life to the next level in every area.
So hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild, fulfilling, scary, extremely rewarding ride. Welcome to Have It All!

“Experiences create a deeper and more powerful type of learning”

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Don’t listen through the filter of your own judgments and assessments. Leaving them behind for a moment, to try on new ideas with no initial assessment
  • The world of ego is one that always wants more
  • A negative experience is simply a contradiction to the ego’s opinion of what should be
  • When you understand that it’s your reaction to circumstances causes pain, and not the circumstances themselves, you can take control
  • Asses your life to find out where you’re the driver and the ego is the rider, and where the opposite is happening
  • People choose to be a passenger is because it’s easy. But it keeps you from being in control of your life
  • In order to take control, your desire must be much stronger than your ego
  • Every time you decide not to follow through on how you want to live your life, through making a small decision, your ego gets stronger and takes over some of your desire
  • Systems and tools that you put in place that work on the subconscious level are slow but extremely powerful
  • Experiences create a deeper and more powerful type of learning
  • If you have negative thoughts and life-outlook, your life will be negative. But if you focus on positive, your life will be positive
  • Just try to be a better version of you, every single day
  • When you truly have it all, different areas of your life will help other unexpected areas

“A life circling around the ego is one of pain and suffering.”


Stuart Wilde: Fringe Dwellers

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