It takes suspending your belief to try out something new - Guy Ferdman Click to Tweet

In today’s world, we may find endless reasons to become distracted and to disconnect.

With technology and busy schedules, there are countless ways we can lose connection with sensations, emotions, and feelings in the body.

Now add to it the relentless need to understand, apply logic and rationalize the situations and experiences we’re met with…

It’s a recipe for finding ourselves operating from the mind or completely checking out to seeing what’s right in front of us.

It takes intention to look at our own reality and beliefs we hold in place to see where they are limiting us from seeing magic.  It also takes intention to look at where we are out of alignment and how to raise our frequency or emotional state.

When we suspend our beliefs, we can begin to see things for what they are and allow the body sensations to become a compass in guiding and attracting more magic into our lives.

In today’s episode of the Old Souls & Seeker podcast, Ilan and Guy Ferdman share a conversation on how suspending belief can open up possibilities in finding messages that have been hidden all around them.  And how you can access a more heart-centered presence and attract more amazing experiences into your life.

Download today’s episode to learn how you can start suspending your beliefs that hold you back from new experiences and feeling more connected with your intuitive gifts.


The Cliff Notes:

  • One of the things is becoming more clear: Suspend your belief.
  • With so many strange and magical experiences that are difficult to explain logically, it reinforces the idea that we don’t need to worry about what to believe.
  • It may take suspending your belief to try out something new for the first time.
  • Experiences such as vipassana and ayahuasca have helped reveal more through reconnecting with the body and less reliance on the logical mind.
  • It takes getting out of the mind and into the body and different realms to experience different states or portal links.
  • What if you gave up your idea of how a coach has to show up and what that looks like?
  • Once you learn to suspend your belief you can begin to expel your belief.
  • In today’s society, there is so much distraction it's becoming harder for human beings to return to noticing sensations in the body.
  • Leaders go first.
  • When you are a ‘Yes’ to what shows up, the universe can (and will) align to support you.
  • “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” also applies at the level of the student's frequency, to attract and signal the teacher.
  • Don’t take any action, any action, outside of alignment.
  • When experiencing stress or overwhelm as a sensation inside the body, instead of taking action to alleviate the stress inside the body, take 5-10 mins to get back into alignment, and from there, take inspired action.
  • When connecting with others, focus on keeping a connection with your heart and being spatially aware.
  • Many of us have superpowers and many have hidden them.
  • Parents may dismiss the idea of a child expressing their gifts if they do not meet the construct of what’s real to them.
  • Anything that is possible is probable.
  • All things are possible and not at the same time… It’s all one big paradox.
  • Start asking “What’s the frequency?” versus trying to find the balance.
Leaders go first.- Ilan Ferdman Click to Tweet
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