“Get out of your logical mind.” – Sunny Durante

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Embrace Flow and Let of Struggle with Sunny Durante | Episode 109

Many people think that money will bring them happiness. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re broke and miserable, the money will only make you rich and miserable

I won’t lie, money can bring you momentary happiness through material items – but it won’t last long.

If you really want to move forward in life and have it all, you need to do the inner work.

Find what makes you happy. What is it that you enjoy doing? What have you always wanted to do? If you imagine yourself doing something and it excites you and you feel yourself being pulled towards it, that’s what you should be doing.

Chasing money will get you nowhere. It’s just going to cause misery, stress, and a heart attack. What’s the use of all that money if you’re not around to enjoy it?

Instead, you should be chasing happiness. When you do that, you’ll achieve the skills people desire, and the money you want will come.

In this episode of Old Souls & Seekers, we are joined by Sunny Durante.

Sunny spent the first 29 years of his life believing he could achieve his way to happiness.

He checked all the stereotypical boxes – a degree from the best school, a successful career in multiple industries, a beautiful car, and a downtown condo, you name it.

On paper, his life looked amazing. Under the surface, he felt cynical, unhappy, and like an imposter in his own life.

Then one day he had the thought, “If this is what life is, I don’t want to live it” – and that moment scared him so deeply he knew something had to change.

Download this episode today to learn what Sunny did to change his life and finally pursue what really makes him happy.

“Your entire performance relies on your emotional state.” – Sunny Durante

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Follow the persistent thing inside you’ve always wanted to happen.
  • Don’t have a concrete barrier between head and heart.
  • When you have a big decision, see if it makes you feel heavy or light.
  • Know that your path will change.
  • You can’t bypass where you are in your journey.
  • Be open and honest about the troubles you are going through, don’t just show off your achievements.
  • Meditate before you go to bed.
  • Manifestation starts with a clear vision. 26:50
  • Your vision has to line up with what you want to feel.
  • If you make a lot of money without doing the inner work, you’re going to be miserable.
  • There’s a perception that when you hit your goals that suddenly everything will be great.
  • Wherever you are, you can start now to get to where you want.
  • What feels good is our guidance system.
  • Fear and excitement dance together.
  • Fear happens at the edge of our comfort zone because that’s where growth is.
  • Don’t be attached to the outcome.
  • The only blueprint that works is to be authentically you.
  • The universe is constantly waiting for you to get out of the way.
  • Everyone is still discovering and evolving.
  • Things don’t have to be hard.
  • Learn to trust and let go.

“You can have that too, it’s just are you really committed to really going after it?” – Sunny Durante

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