“Your body craves that dopamine, that rush, that great feeling of fulfilling an addiction”

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How to Stop Bad Habit Addictions & Lead A Fulfilling Life ~ Episode 04

Do you ever wonder why you keep doing the same things over and over again? Why do you keep falling into the same business situations?

Same relationships? Same habits? Addiction might be a factor you need to consider. Addiction can hinder us from leading a successful and fulfilling life, due to getting stuck in the same habits over and over again from the rush we receive when participating in these behaviors.

Today we discuss how to break free of these habits, and the effect participating has on not only you but the people around you, in addition to the positive outcomes breaking free will have on you and the future you choose to lead.

“Addiction hijacks your brain”

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The Cliff Notes:

  • You train your body and your brain to affix things, from a very young age. Every time you do x, your body will release dopamine or other happy hormones.
  • Your body gets addicted to the chemical release. Every time you partake in the activity you are addicted to, the receptors celebrate.
  • Rushes you receive can be from any form of addiction you are experiencing. Whether it’s food, fights, or anything in between.
  • For any loop that you are stuck in, you may want to consider the possibility that there is a physical addiction to that emotional charge of the loop.
  • When that rush happens, it is no longer you. You are a passenger in your own car.
  • We all expect others to see what we’re thinking. It’s a phenomenon that occurs that we all experience, even though it is not right.
  • We are obsessed with being right about everything. We think if we have enough information, we can be right about everything, making everyone else wrong.
  • Responsibility is completely different than blame. Do not point fingers!
  • The little voice you hear is usually speaking of things that have happened in the past. Example: “oh here they go again..”
  • Everything you’ve learned in your (human development piece of) life has happened between 2-7.
  • Growing up, what was your experience people made you wrong for?
  • Most of the time our response is how the rest of the world is wrong.
  • If you can think or imagine it, there is a human out there right not doing exactly that.

“What are patterns in my life, that no matter what I’ve done, it seems to keep going around and around?”

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