Finding Purpose And Making Agreements You’ll Stick To: Episode 289 WITH GUY & ILAN FERDMAN

In Today's Episode:

  • How To Set The Intentions For 2023 In The Best Way
  • The Formula To Developing Mastery In Any Area Of Your Life
  • Why Having A Coach Makes All The Difference In Mastery
  • How To Make A Quantum Leap In 6 Weeks
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're excited to start off the new year with a great conversation about how to make this year different and better than the last. How to find purpose and set expectations and intention in ways that you will actually follow through and make big changes for the better.

A new year is here and with this comes new energy and most people start looking at their goals for this year. After 20 years of personal development and having coached tens of thousands of people we've noticed a thing or two when it comes to new years resolutions, goal setting, and how to actually follow through on those goals.

What do you want to master this year and why?

Guy Ferdman

A lot of people expect big changes with the new year, but honestly, you're not that different from the 31st of December when waking up on January the 1st. You've not changed overnight and you haven't got superpowers to all of a sudden manifest all your goals in January.

We're here in today's episode to bring you different perspectives that might make a lot of sense or feel a bit unorthodox. You'll learn the formula for how to achieve your goals this year, and how to find the right focus and purpose. How to set expectations in a way so that you don't give up, but actually follow through.

On paper, the new year gives everyone a fresh start. But unless you have the right mindset, tools, and coaching – not much will change. Tune in and get it now!

Episode Timestamps:

3.00 Setting the intentions for the new year 

7.00 Ilan talks about what most people really want and developing the right skills 

16.00 Guy shares about the formula of mastery

23.00 Fear. How it stops us and how to use it to your advantage

28.00 Why having a coach is so important

33.00 It’s okay to suck when you starting something new

40.00 Practice doesn’t make perfect 

51.00 How to make a quantum leap in 6 weeks

What you fear the most is most likely what you need to focus on

Ilan Ferdman




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