Why Mindset Development Doesn't Work!: Episode 281 with Guy Ferdman

In Today's Episode:

  • Why Mindset Development Doesn't Work For Healing Yourself
  • Understanding The Difference Between “Waking Up” & “Growing Up” Work
  • Why Your Parents Couldn't Give You The Attunement You Needed And What To Do About It
  • What Taking Responsibility Of Your Healing Really Means
  • How To Take Your Personal Development To The Next Level
  • ….And MUCH MORE!

In this week's episode of the Old Souls & Seekers podcast, we're stoked to bring you insights on why after so much mindset development you might still feel stuck and haven't experienced the healing and manifestation that you've been looking for – and we point you towards what to look for instead.

This community is all about your personal development, mindset development, and more importantly the energy and awareness space.

In today's episode, Guy will share with you why this is critically important. If you've been around the mindset development space for a long time and feel a bit stuck, you will gain insights into some of the limitations of this type of work. And why it is that if you add energy and awareness work to any sort of mindset practice – you are going to see an astronomical, exponential growth curve in your own development and healing.

The real healing comes from being able to turn within and learn how to work with your intelligent body system

Guy Ferdman

We are actually extraordinarily interested in and what we teach dynamically here is how you get to the stuff that is happening underneath the surface of the mindset.

Getting into the energetics, the subtle stuff that is happening inside your body system that is then lending itself to your mind having a certain type of response. We will talk a lot about that today and what it means to your transformation.

So if you are here, hopefully, you are here to better yourself, whether that is in your relationships with yourself or others, in your business or entrepreneurial journey, if you are a coach or consultant or if you’re just a curious growth seeker…

In all those cases you are in the perfect place. Tune in!

Episode Timestamps:

8.00 The new transformation of humanity 

13.00 Growing up vs waking up work 

17.00 Responsibility vs victim mentality

25.00 Information is not transformation

37.00 Parents and showing up

41.00 Metabolizing energy

45.00 Regulating your nervous system

50.00 How to create more safety in your system

55.00 Conditioned awareness

This external view of reality, the organic hologram that we are experiencing is nothing more than a mirroring effect of a vibration inside of your body

Guy Ferdman




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